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The internet is getting very excited about this Godfall trailer –,

A trailer for Godfall, the upcoming PC and PlayStation 5 fantasy looter-slasher, has popped up online and gotten people excited.


If you recall, Godfall announced itself at The Game Awards 01575879 as the world’s first PlayStation 5 game – our first glance at next-gen! – while also being a game for your personal computer, too.


This first look sought to impress with a collection of shiny chrome characters, particle effects and backing from Borderlands publisher Gearbox (though it is being developed externally by Counterplay Games, the studio behind collectable card battler Duelyst).


Now, today’s trailer has given us a better look at Counterplay’s vision for the game. A few seconds were posted yesterday as a teaser on reddit before the full trailer dump this afternoon.


But before we take a look, it’s worth remembering a few things.


First off, it’s unclear where the footage originates from. Counterplay Initially, sure, but the anonymous poster who released the video this week did not provide further details on how they came into possession of it. Is it a leak, or marketing? We can’t say for certain.


The user – who has now deleted their account – claimed the footage was “a trailer which was used internally” made in “early 2019 “. Specifically, March 2020, making it nearly a year old.


Internal trailers are invariably used as a target for the final product to hit and not an indicator of how something will definitively look – especially so long before release. (Godfall is set for launch in “Holiday 2020”)


It’s also worth remembering Godfall is a PC as well as a PS5 game – and it’s highly likely to be developed using the former. (Not to mention, nearly a year ago, Counterplay will likely not have had final PS5 specs.)


With all that in mind, it’s a snazzy looking trailer. Just don’t expect it to be 100 per cent representative of what all PlayStation 5 games will look like, or indeed what Godfall will look like, when it releases later this year.


Here it is:


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