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Are you STUCK when trying to create great programs for your clients?

  • “What do I include?  How long should they be?  What format should I use?”

  • “It’s all super confusing, and I’m NOT paying some coach THOUSANDS of dollars to help me figure it out.”

  • “I don’t want to buy some pre-made thing that everyone else is doing, and that doesn’t reflect who I am!”

Or WORSE – You’ve created programs, but no one would buy them and you’re left wondering why you even bothered because no one seems to care about what you’re offering.

  • “I keep telling people this stuff can help them, and they don’t seem to notice.”

  • “I have NO idea how to market things.  I’m not a sales person!”

  • “Why does no one seem to get the value in this?”

Do you have a goal of creating your own courses for Udemy, and just have NO idea where to even start with it?

  • “It just feels to complicated.”

  • “I’m not sure where to start or if anyone will care.”

Or just in general, have this AMAZING idea and don’t know how to get it out into the world?

In YOUR voice – YOUR way!  Not some cheesy carbon copy of what every other coach or helper out there is doing!

You see other helpers launching courses and programs all the time, and think – “Man, that could be me!  If I could even get someone to sign up for what I offer 1on1……”

I am here to tell you – LOUD and CLEAR –

You CAN create programs – in WHATEVER FORMAT you WANT to do – that there are people out there waiting to buy!

That it doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated.  It NEVER has to be a rip-off of what someone else is doing and it sure the hell doesn’t have to cost you a second mortgage to learn.

This course is designed to teach you a framework – a SYSTEM – that you can use, over and OVER AGAIN to create great programs whenever you want.

  • 1 on 1 programs

  • Group programs

  • Courses


And I’ll teach it to you step by step – in an easy to follow, PLAIN ENGLISH format that anyone can follow.  From start to finish you will learn how to:

  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHY this needs to be created, and WHO needs it

  • WHY they need it, and what results you can provide them

  • Map out, step by step how you WILL get them to those results

  • Ideas on different formats you can use to deliver

  • When you should (and should NOT) include things like notes and workbooks

  • How to map out your tasks, one by one so you can CRUSH them and get this thing CREATED

  • How to write gripping sales copy, that will make the people who need this stand up and say “YES!  This is EXACTLY what I need!”

This framework works – and it works for anyone in a service based industry because it can be adapted to YOU. 

I’m talking to you Coaches, Tarot Readers, Astrologists, Psychics and anyone else out there with a heart to be of service to others.

I’ve used this method to create courses (for here and other platforms!), 1on1 offerings, group programs and more.  Same system – it works for ANYTHING.

If you are DONE being stuck trying to find that magic formula for putting your offerings together.

OVER having that big idea for a course in your head, and not out there making you money.

FED up with copy and paste templates where you’re expected to just copy some guru.

and you are READY to create

  • POWERFUL programs that help people with REAL LIFE problems they are facing

  • In your own voice – YOUR WAY

  • That are EASY to market and sell to your ideal clients

  • That people out there are WAITING and WISHING for

Then check out the preview videos for this course and try something new.  Embrace YOUR message – YOUR way and learn how to go from idea to MONEY MAKING program right now!

Instructors: Misty Flanagan

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