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The Samsung Galaxy S11 launch date is set for February 11 – TechRadar India, TechRadar



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The wait for theGalaxy Sis almost over, as Samsung has officially announced the date for its next big smartphone launch event: Tuesday, February ************** (Samsung’s Unpacked keynote will take place in San Francisco at) ****************************************************** am Pacific Time on February (*******************************************************************, according to the official invite sent to TechRadar and other media outlets. This mirrors last yearGalaxy S 10launch event timing and city.************** (There are some differences in**************************: we’re expecting three Samsung Galaxy S 10 phones instead of four, all containing a (5G) modem. That means there’s no need for a sequel to the standaloneGalaxy S 5G. While we still expect the new phones to be dubbed S 80, there have been rumors of Samsung will leapfrog nine names and use the (Galaxy S) numbering scheme.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2could show up at the Unpacked event as well. And, if Samsung has sorted out the issues that held up the firstGalaxy Fold, the new model could manage to launch on time (last year, the Galaxy Fold release date was delayed by five months).

It may also take on a completely different form, as the foldable flip phonewe saw in a Samsung video (back in October) ************************************************************************************ (Samsung Galaxy S) expectations (**************** (At present, we’re expecting the Galaxy S) ******************************************************** the line to include a base model, a S 80 Plus model, and an Ultra model, pera recent rumor. The lineup is also expected to offer display sizes from 6.2 inches up to 6.9 inches.

All three should be powered by either a new Samsung Exynos chipset (most of the world) and the (Snapdragon) chipset (likely in the US), region dependent.

Given the fact that the event lines up with 2019 ‘s timeline, we can expect to see the new Galaxy S phones go on sale toward the very end of February or early March, right around

MWC 20865. Last year phones were first released on March 8.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is less of a certainty. While we expect the company will include a new foldable device at its February event, there’s less concrete evidence of an immediate release date. After all, there was gap between the original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy S (phones.)

It’s also unclear if we can expect the new flip phone-style design like the new Moto Razr, or whether Samsung is planning a direct follow up to the mini-tablet-like Galaxy Fold, one that’s expected to have a similar design but further refinements.

The February Unpacked event isn’t the only place to see new Samsung tech though. Keep an eye on ourCESBrave Browsercoverage for more, and we’ll let you know if we hear more about the device from Las Vegas.

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