The Ultimate IT and Technology Job Search Guide for Freshers

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As you know over millions of Technology jobs are reported world wide every day and still our fresh young engineers and technology lovers, especially the candidates from third world countries, struggle to get the job they love. Do you ever thought why this happens despite this large demand?

The answer to the above question is that its only because they fail to advertise themselves efficiently. You know few of your lucky friends who got placed in a job placement drive conducted in your college or university during your last semester of study. But if you are not placed then, you know how hard it is to get a job with the fresher label once you are out of your college.     

Let me remind you that the techniques that we are going to discuss are not the conventional global standard for job search. But these are the tricks that I implemented during my difficult period of job search and they proved very successful for me in securing a career.

And in the first session of our course we are discussing about how to overcome this fresher label. We will see how we can decide over a technology domain and how to advertise it rather than sticking on to the fresher label which is not going to do any good for you in your job search.

In the next session, we will see the serious mistakes that freshers make while creating their resume. We will analyse each of those mistakes and then we will proceed with creating a nice and excellent looking resume for our own. We will also get trained our self in the steps you can do to get a resume sample and edit it by yourself using document editors like word and later export it to the universally accepted pdf format. You can get the template downloaded from the resource section of that lecture.

You know.. the most ignored but very important part in a job application email is the covering letter and also the subject line. Because of this, even though your resume looks great, you will end up unnoticed by the companies you apply for job. We will also build a cool and professional looking covering letter and also will see how to write a catchy subject line. That template also you can download from the resource section of that lecture.

There are many interesting ways to find your target recipients, that is, your prospective employers email address. We will get familiar with few of such tips and tricks by which we can build the recipients list and also see how we can send the emails as a batch to reach out as quick as possible.

And I am sure that you will excited when you receive that first positive response from a company for your application. It will be an invitation for an interview. We will see how we can reply politely and courteously to that email and also the format to reschedule the interview just in case if you urgently want it to.

Then comes the actual preparation. We will be focusing on specifically how to prepare for the technical session of the interview. How to gather the probably questions and how to gain from reverse engineering the interview process.

All the resources we use can be downloaded from the resources section of the course. Together, we will get the job that you loved the most. And if you are doing a job which is your passion, your professional life will be very happy and fulfilling.

Instructors: Abhilash Nelson

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