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The Witcher 3 Leak Proves Xbox Game Pass Is About to Get Even Better, Crypto Coins News

  • The Witcher 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • The news was leaked ahead of today’s Inside Xbox at X (broadcast.) )
  • The addition further entrenches Xbox Game Pass as the best subscription service on the market.

An advertising blunder has confirmed thatThe Witcher 3: Wild Huntis joining the roster of Xbox Game Pass titles.

The Witcher 3 Leaked for Game Pass Ahead of X 019

The leak comes from aTwitch ad seen by UK users of the streaming platform. The advertisement touts the Xbox Game Pass through tempting flashes of various games. These include Devil May Cry 5, Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, and CD Projekt Red’s open-world action-adventure, The Witcher 3.

This Twitch ad accidentally leaked The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s addition to Xbox Game Pass. | Source:Reddit

It appears the ad went live early and ahead of the hyped Inside Xbox at X 019 broadcast later on today, where Microsoft will presumably share the news in an official capacity. Someone over at Twitch must currently be getting a dressing down from their superiors for the mistake.

Although the game features for all of three seconds, there’s no question we are looking at The Witcher 3. The game logo appears, as do recognizable gameplay snippets and a shot of protagonist Geralt. A small console icon suggests it will only be available on the Xbox One and not on PC.

The ad also suggests a new promotion is in the works, whereby players can get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £ 1 alongside a six-month-long trial of Spotify Premium.

The Best Subscription Service Gets Even Better

Through the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft already has one of the best subscription propositions on the market. The addition of The Witcher 3 will only bolster an already stacked roster of titles. The service will be even more enticing to players.

The best gaming subscription service is getting even better. | Source:CD Projekt RED

As we speculated yesterday,X 019 should feature exciting Age of Empires IV news– maybe gameplay and a release date – alongside a possible update on Microsoft’s next-generation Project Scarlett console.

You can tune in to the “biggest Inside Xbox ever”from 8 pm GMT / 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT today over on the XboxYouTubeandTwitchchannels.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

Last modified: November 14, 2019 16: 33 UTC

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