Monday , March 1 2021

Thirteen hatchets and nine stanley knives among weapons seized after funeral disturbance – sky news,


Thirteen hatchets and at least nine Stanley knives are among a haul of 34 weapons seized from a disturbance at a funeral on Thursday.

Three men, aged 22, 22, and 22, have been arrested after scuffles broke out during the service at a church on Melmount Road in Strabane.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has not confirmed what caused the violence.

Officers have released an image of the weapons haul, which includes thirteen hatchets and three bottles of a chemical substance.

Two large billhooks, traditionally used for hacking at shrubs and branches, were also taken.

A large machete, at least nine Stanley knives and an assortment of others knives were also seized.

No serious injuries were reported after the funeral disturbance.

The PSNI said it was aware of online reports that shots had been fired but said officers had found no evidence to support those claims.

District Commander Chief Superintendent Emma Bond said: “A significant proactive policing operation was in place this morning in the Melmount Road area to prevent disorder and keep people safe.

“A disturbance did break out within the church however it was quickly addressed.

“A number of dangerous weapons were seized and we are thankful to have been able to remove these items from the streets.

” We are aware of tensions between individuals who were in attendance at the funeral and I am appealing to anyone with influence to help bring about a calm resolution to the current issues. “


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