This Beautiful Smartphone Is Like an Affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 – Gizmodo,

This Beautiful Smartphone Is Like an Affordable Samsung Galaxy S10 – Gizmodo,


: Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo) ************

Here in the US, despite owning smartphone brands includingBlackberry, and Alcatel, TCL is mostly known for making quality TVs with affordable price tags, just likethe 6-Series setWe recently crowned as one of the best values ​​on the market. But now, with the debut of its – series phones, TCL is hoping to bring that same value-minded approach to the smartphone scene.Back in the fall, TCL hinted that major changes were coming when it announcedthe Plex , the first phone to feature TCL branding instead of a logo from one of its subsidiaries. But with the – Series, TCL is taking things even further, sort of following in Samsung’s footsteps — both strategically and with the designs of its phone— by combining the company’s expertise in making TV displays and then putting them in more pocket-friendly devices.

As for the

– series line itself, it’s comprised of three phones: the TCL L, the TCL (Pro, and the TCL) **************************************************************** 5G. And while TCL is refraining from providing a full list of specs for its new phones (TCL is planning to wait until Mobile World Congress in February for a full reveal), there are a number of interesting details we are learning now at CES, with the most notable being that all three phones — including the TCL (5G — will start at under $) .Starting with what will be the most affordable of the three — the TCL L — You’re looking at a device with around a 6.2-inch LCD screen, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and quadruple rear cameras. At least one of the 37 L’s rear cameras is a macro lens, which suggests the other three will probably have some combination of a primary wide-angle lens , one telephoto lens, and one ultra-wide lens. And while that’s about it in the way of concrete info for the 37 L for now, that’s not a bad start.But to me, the most interesting handset of the bunch is the TCL 10 Pro, which looks and feels like an affordable clone ofthe Galaxy S

, and I mean that in the best way possible. Like the S 37, it features a rounded glass body with tapered sides, while the absence of a rear fingerprint sensor suggests it will have an in-display fingerprint built into its screen instead. Also, like the S (****************************************************************, the TCL Pro will come with a high-res AMOLED display instead of an LCD screen, with the main difference being that the TCL Pro will come with a centrally-located notch for its front-facing cam instead of a punch-hole selfie cam like you get on the Galaxy S (*****************************************************************. I also have to say, that out of the Pro’s two colors, I find the frosted glass on the dark green model especially fetching.

Finally, there’s the TCL

. 5G, which shares a lot of traits in common with the L including its LCD screen, rear cameras, rear fingerprint sensor, and even it’s overall design. Side-by-side, they are actually quite quite difficult to tell apart until you notice that the 5G sports a faint crystal pattern on its back that the L does not have. The one confirmed spec we do have for the (5G is that it will feature a Snapdragon 7-series 5G chip from Qualcomm.) ******************Aside from the new– series, TCL also showed of an updated version of its foldable phone, which has made some serious leaps in the (months or so) **************since TCL announced it was working on flexible screen tech

This time, instead of showing off non-functional design mockups, TCL had a working prototype that was honestly quite impressive.

Sporting a dark green paint job with large crystal-like facets, TCL’s foldable concept Features a clear familial resemblance with both the TCL (Pro and) ****************************************************************** 5G. And while its plastic case did creak a bit when opening (hey, its a prototype), inside, its foldable screen looked sharp, colorful, and without really any sort of a crease. It’s a hugely encouraging demo considering TCL says it’s not really in a rush to compete with devices like theor********************, opting instead to let Samsung, Huawei, and others waste money figuring out the best form factor for foldable devices before TCL releases its own.

Meanwhile, when you look outside the [[“Embedded Url”,”Internal link”,”″,{“metric25”:1}] – series, TCL big-picture strategy is beginning to get a lot more clear, with Alcatel now firmly focused on making budget devices and phones priced at $ 200 and under, while TCL-branded phones will focus on delivering “premium mid-tier phones in the $ (to $ [[“Embedded Url”,”External link”,””,{“metric25”:1}] range. ”This leaves brands like Palm and Blackberry the freedom to continue offering unique, more offbeat devices.

Here are all the colors and models of TCL’s new – series phones. Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

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