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TLDR pages: Simplified, community-driven man pages, Hacker News


Simplified and community-driven man pages


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        The TLDR pages are a community effort         to simplify the beloved man pages         with practical examples.       



        Try the live demo below,         have a look at the PDF version ,         or follow the installation instructions .       

                       §         Installation              

As of now, our most mature client is the node.js one, which you can easily install from NPM:

       npm install -g tldr


You can also try any of the many other TLDR clients that have sprouted from the community:


        There are more clients listed in the          TLDR clients wiki page .       




        This repository is an ever-growing collection of examples         for the most common UNIX, Linux, macOS, SunOS and Windows commands.       


        You’re encouraged to create or edit pages         in the

pages / folder         at the project's repository         and submit a pull request.       


        Just keep in mind the          Contributing guidelines .       

                §         License              

MIT License


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