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Traveling Wolves fans forced to miss much of Europa League clash as lengthy queues and heavy policing reported –,

A number of Wolves fans in Braga have been forced to miss much of the side’s game against their Portuguese opponents, after reports of sizeable queues and heavy handed policing emerged.

Wolves’ game against their Europa League opponents kicked off at 5. 55 pm local time, but reports emerged on social media throughout the first half of fans being made to wait outside in torrential rain – missing much of the action.

Some fans reported a wait of 90 minutes to make it into the Braga Municipal Stadium, whilst sharing images of fans being treated by paramedics due to reported heavy handed treatment by police in Portugal.

Fans on social media claimed that police and security were only letting ‘a few’ fans through into the stadium at a time, with 6, 000 securing tickets to the fixture.

“It was absolute chaos outside the ground.” Said Rob Cartwright, a Wolves fan from Worcestershire.

“There was no system to get us from the square [in Braga city centre] to the ground. We waited 50 minutes at the taxi rank and only one taxi arrived. There were 200 or so waiting in a queue.

“No buses went to the ground. We eventually walked to the bus station and got a taxi there. So we were late joining the queue outside the ground but still expected to make kick off, until the family next to us said they had already been waiting 45 minutes. This was around 5. 30 pm.

“They confiscated anything they wanted. Food, drink bottles, umbrellas, women’s make up. Even a guy on a day trip had his flight bag with his clothes taken away.

“The worst thing was we were kept on a waterlogged muddy field outside the ground for well over an hour.

“We only saw their two last goals [which Braga scored. I’m happy with result though.”

Fans had umbrellas confiscated, along with food and drinks – with some said to have arrived at 5pm local time, almost an hour ahead of kick off.

Those who missed the first half were not able to see their side score three times following Andre Horta’s opener for the hosts.

The news comes after Wolves supporterswere “ambushed” by “organized groups” of hooligans in Portoin a second night of violence in the city.

The traveling supporters were involved in several clashes after being targeted by hooligans believed to be supporters of Belgian club Standard Liege.

Fans inPortugal told the Express & Star how running battles broke outacross the city as British fans were specifically sought out by Belgian supporters, with one man seen lying on the floor surrounded by blood.

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