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Trump impeachment hearings: Sondland says 'We followed the president's orders' – live – The Guardian, Google News

Reminder: there’s a Democratic presidential debate tonight. My colleague@ joanegrevewill be covering it live, tune in if you can!

Matthew Yglesias(@ mattyglesias)

Democratsby day: The president is a criminal.

Democrats by night: The most important thing in the world is to quibble over the details of health care plans that are all DOA in the senate.

November 20, 2019

Here’s a better picture of the president’s notes:

I want nothing.

I want nothing.

I want no quid pro quo.

Tell Zellinsky to do the right thing.

This is the final word from the Pres of the U.S.

ABC News Politics(@ ABCPolitics)

President Donald Trump holds notes while speaking to the media on the White House lawn amid Amb. Gordon Sondland’s testimony.

November 20, 2019

The one independent in the House, a Republican before his party’s embrace of Trump drove him out:

Justin Amash(@ justinamash)

Is there a mercy rule for congressional hearings?

November 20, 2019

Giuliani: ‘I came into this at Volker’s request’

Giuliani is defending himself on Twitter. He claims that Volker brought him in, as if he was not working, primarily and singularly, on Trump’s behalf.

In any case Volker testified that Giuliani asked him, Volker, to put him in touch with Zelenskiy’s aid.

Rudy Giuliani(@ RudyGiuliani)

I came into this at Volker’s request. Sondland is speculating based on VERY little contact. I never met him and had very few calls with him, mostly with Volker.

Volker testified I answered their questions and described them as my opinions, NOT demands. I.E., no quid pro quo!

(November) , 2019

Goldman: You’re now aware what the president wanted, the Biden investigation and a 2016 election investigation, is that right?

Sondland: That’s correct.

Goldman is walking Sondland through text messages and emails he has submitted demonstrating that secretary of state Mike Pompeo was looped in on the effort to engineer the quid pro quo.

A fish may rot from the head, but in this case, theDemocratsare saying, the whole fish was rotten.

Trump’s notes to self: ‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo ‘

Updated (at) . 28 PM EST

The testimony is aligning.The official stance of the diplomats is, we thought that the drug deal we were negotiating was adog deal, and when we learned it was aboutdrugswe were shocked, appalled and we never would have agreed to (that.

Shane Harris(@ shaneharris)

This is a key exchange. Surprising Dems took this long to ask

(November) , 2019

Schiff is nailing Sondland down on both Mick Mulvaney and Mike Pompeo knowing about the quid pro quo.

Schiff reminds the room thatMulvaney held a press conference saying aid was tied to investigations.Mulvaney later tried to walk that back.

Sondland saw a recording of the press conference. “He said yes it was” – the military aid was tied to investigations.

Schiff begins by pressing Sondland on his inability, for so long, to link Burisma and Biden. Giuliani was saying it on TV! Schiff says.

Sondland says he did not listen to what Giuliani was saying on TV because he was talking directly with Giuliani.

Ryan Goodman(@ rgoodlaw)

When did# Sondlandput together Biden and Burisma?

He previously testified that he did “sometime probably in July-August.” 👇

So on his own account, he admits from at least that period onward, he knew the bribe was linked to Biden, Trump’s 2020

(November) , 2019

Schiff announces an extra 30 – minute question period for the chairman, ranking member and lawyers.

Nunes won’t like that. And will Castor be able to fill it?

Castor finishes with an attack on Sondland, saying he didn’t take notes and testified that he did not recall a lot of things. Castor calls it a “trifecta” of unreliability.

Sondland says he has not had access to documents but he did have some texts which he read and his testimony was strengthened by others.


Sondland rejects ‘irregular’ channel: ‘It’s the leadership that makes the decisions’

Sondland has just bristled at the notion that he was in some kind of “irregular channel” of US-Ukraine policy.

If the president himself was in the channel, Sondland asks, how is that the irregular one?

I don’t see how, when you’re talking to the president of the United States, the secretary of state, the national security adviser, the chief of staff in the White House, the secretary of energy – if a bunch of folks who are not in that channel are aggrieved for not being included, I don’t know why they considerusto be the irregular channel andtheythe regular channel, when it’s the leadership that makes the decisions.

Concerns about the quid pro quo “were never raised,” Sondland says. “Everyone’s hair was on fire but no one decided to talk to us.”


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