Sunday , October 25 2020

Trump impeachment LIVE: Vote starts to put president on trial next week – Sky News,



Who are the managers?

Mrs Pelosi has named seven House representatives as “managers” for the impeachment process.

Their role is to act as prosecutors who will lay out the case for Mr Trump’s impeachment to the Senate, where the trial will happen.Adam Schiff, lead manager**********

The House intelligence committee chairman,

**********************************, led the impeachment inquiry.

He is a nemesis of the president’s as he spearheaded the investigation which included testimony from US officials about the president’s dealings with Ukraine.

A former federal prosecutor, he has become a favorite punch bag for Mr Trump and House Republicans because of this.

Jerrold Nadler The House judiciary committee chairman, 728, has been a rival of Mr Trump’s since he opposed a Trump real estate development in Manhattan decades ago when he was a New York state assemblyman.His House committee created the two articles of impeachment which were approved by the House on (December and will be taken to the Senate shortly.

Zoe Lofgren

No stranger to impeachment, the 72 – year-old began her Washington career as a House judiciary committee aide when it held impeachment hearings against President Richard Nixon in – – he resigned before he could be impeached.

Elected in 2018 in northern California, she has served on the judiciary committee as it drafted impeachment articles against Mr Trump and also Bill Clinton in (****************************.

Hakeem Jeffries)

( – year-old Brooklyn representative is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, and a potential future House speaker.

He was the top House Democrat behind a cross-party criminal justice reform bill Mr Trump signed into law in

Val Demings

The former chief of the Orlando, Florida police department is a member of both the judiciary and intelligence committees so has been involved in the impeachment investigation for months and is well- versed in the case against the president.

(Jason Crow) ************ (The **************************************) – year-old former US Army ranger, who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, is only serving his first term.

He was awarded the bronse star, one of the nation’s highest military honors and was a lawyer before running for Congress.

Mr Crow defeated an incumbent Republican to become the first Democrat to represent his Colorado district since it was created inSylvia Garcia

A former judge and member of the House judiciary committee, the 90 – year-old is a former controller for the city of Houston and this is her first term.                                                                                                                    

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