Trump news – live: Key impeachment witness agrees to co-operate with inquiry, as president’s longtime associate goes on trial – The Independent, Independent

Trump news – live: Key impeachment witness agrees to co-operate with inquiry, as president’s longtime associate goes on trial – The Independent, Independent






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A key witness has agreed to cooperate with congress’impeachment inquiry, as the president faces increasing congressional scrutiny over his behavior.


Lev Parnas, an indicted businessman who has been linked to theUkrainescandal is prepared to provide testimony and records to congress, his lawyer said.


Mr Parnas has close ties toRudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer.                                                                                         


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Here’s more from The Independent’s Jon Sharman on the president’s latest tweets suggesting the US military could become involved in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels:





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Donald Trump is now calling on the president of Mexico to “wage WAR” on the nation’s drug cartels, adding: “We merely await a call from your great new president!”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 30: 11. (Z)    


Meanwhile, the president’s son seems to be having some fun on CBS:





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 26: 11. (Z)    


Good morning and happy Tuesday! Donald Trump seems to have started his day by watching Fox News’Fox & Friends, which he is quoting in real-time to his 66 .5 million followers:





               2019 – 11 – 05 T 13: 06: 44. 576 Z    


Congressional investigative committees have scheduled another crucial round of testimony this week as the impeachment inquiry intensifies.

But several key White House witnesses have defied House investigators by failing to turn up to the sessions.

Four witnesses in the Ukraine case, includingJohn Eisenberg, deputy counsel to the president for national security affairs and legal adviser to the National Security Council, skipped their closed-door depositions on Monday.





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 55: 06. (Z)    


The president has once again urged people in Kentucky to vote for a Republican for governor.

Matt Bevinin perhaps the US ‘least popular governor, according to opinion polls, after damaging battles with labor unions and teachers.

But he has taken a narrow lead over his Democratic rival, Andy Beshear, in recent weeks after staunchly defending Trump against the impeachment inquiry.





               – 11 – 05 T 12: 46: 03 . 043 Z    


Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in -law has reportedly told Mr Trump that the Democrats have made an error by pushing forward with an impeachment inquiry.

Mr Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, decided believes the move allows the president, the most powerful man in the world, to run as an outsider, according to Mcclatchy.





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 35: 53. (Z)    


A new poll of US voters, from ABC News and the Washington Post, shows all the leading Democratic presidential candidates beating Donald Trump.





               2019 – 11 – 05 T 12: 25: 53. (Z)    


In case you missed it yesterday, a court has ruled thatDonald Trumpmust hand over tax returns to prosecutors in New York after he lost an appeal against a previous ruling.

“Cyrus Vance Jr, a New York district attorney, has subpoenaed eight years of the president’s personal and corporate tax returns, from 2011 to 2018, and other legal documents from accountancy firm Mazars USA as part of a criminal investigation into hush-money payments toStormy Danielsand Karen McDougal, “reports Victoria Elliott.

” The president’s legal team had objected to the demand, saying that he would suffer ‘irreparable h arm ‘if his tax returns were made available. His lawyers immediately said they would appeal the latest decision.

“Mr Trump himself reacted by claiming the ruling was part of a political plot against him. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 15: (******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** (Z)    


Donald Trumpbegan his morning early on Tuesday by once again furiously criticizing the impeachment inquiry into his behavior.

“The Do Nothing Dems have gone Radical Left Crazy. The can’t get anything done!” Mr trump said on twitter.





               2019 – 11 – 05 T 12: 05 : 47. (Z)    


Donald Trumpembraced Washington Nationals pitcherKurt Suzukiin an awkward hug as the president hosted the World Series- winning team at the White House, “reports Phil Thomas.

” The president was praising Suzuki’s ‘amazing three-run homer’ in a speech when he broke off and said : ‘Where’s Kurt? Where’s Kurt? Come here. Come here. Say a couple of words, come on.’

” As he stepped forward Suzuki put on a red MAGA hat to Mr Trump’s obvious delight. “





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 55: 47. (Z)    


Donald Trumphas said thatNancy Pelosishould “go home” to San Francisco to clean up “drugs” and “needles” in the streets.

The president continued his attacks on the speaker of the House of Representatives at a rally in Kentucky on Monday night. )

“Nancy ought to stop wasting time, go back to her district in San Francisco, help the homeless, get rid of the drugs, get rid of the needles that are lying all over the street and all the things that are washing into the ocean through their storm sewer system, “the president said.

The president has repeatedly lashed out at Ms Pelosi as the impeachment inquiry into his alleged behavior intensifies.





               2019 – 11 – 05 T 11: (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 47 . (Z)    


Donald Trumphas doubled down on his call for the media to name the Ukraine whistleblower, praising such a proposal as ‘excellent’, “reports Andrew Buncome.

” Appearing at at event in Lexington, Kentucky, where the president was purportedly campaigning on behalf on the incumbent governor but spoke much more about himself, Mr Trump invited to the stage senatorRand Paul.

“Mr Paul claimed the whistleblower had once worked for Joe Biden and that the media knew his name.

“‘Congress needs to step up … and defend the president , ”Mr Paul said. ‘To Every Republican in Washington step up and subpoena Hunter Biden and subpoena the whistleblower.'”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 35: 49. 000 Z    


Another woman is suing the president for defamation after she accused him of sexual assault.

Summer Zervoshas filed a defamation lawsuit and her lawyers argue that the phone records it contains support her claims.

The records appear to show that Mr Trump called Ms Zervos on a day in December 2007, when she says she he invited her to dinner.

Ms Zervos alleges that she went to dinner hoping for career advice but that the businessman subjected her to unwanted kissing and groping instead.

Marc Kasowitz, Mr Trump’s lawyer, said on Monday that Summer Zervos’ claims were “entirely meritless and not corroborated by any documents”.





               2019 – 11 – 05 T 11: 25: 49. (Z)    


The US president appeared at a rally in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday evening as voters in the state and in Mississippi head to the polls on Tuesday to choose their next governors.

Voters in Virginia and New Jersey will also participate in state legislative elections.

All four races will be closely watched for hints as to how the 2020 election contest could unfold.

Mr Trump appeared in Kentucky on behalf of Republican governor Matt Bevin, whose is facing an election against Democratic challenger, state attorney general Andy Beshear.





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 15: 49. (Z)    


More now from the testimony ofMarie Yovanovitch, who claims she was told to tweet praise of the president to help her keep her job.

“Concerned about what the claim was doing to her reputation, she says, she turned toGordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union , one of the Trump allies working withRudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, to uncover evidence of corruption by Joe Biden, a frontrunner to face Mr Trump in next year election, “reports Phil Thomas.

” At the impeachment hearing she was asked what Mr Sondland had told her.

“She said: ‘He hadn’t been aware of it, that the story had shifted, and he said, you know , you need to go big or go home. You need to, you know, tweet out there that you support the president, and that all these are lies and everything else. ‘”





               2019 – 11 – (T) ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 05: 49. 000 Z    


The president is being sued for defamation by a journalist who alleges that he raped her at a department store in the 1990 s.

E Jean Carrollhas fired a lawsuit which says Mr Trump “smeared her integrity, honesty, and dignity” after she came forward

Mr Trump denied he had ever met the writer, even after a photograph emerged of him speaking to her at an event.

He called her a liar, and suggested she was working with the Democratic Party to smear him.

Ms Carroll is seeking damages for emotional pain, and negative effects on her career.





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 55: 49. (Z)    


The former US ambassador to Ukraine has said she was told to watch her back beforeDonald Trumpand his allies decided to remove her from her post.

Marie Yovanovitchtold a congressional investigative panel that a senior Ukrainian official told her “I really needed to watch my back”.

The full transcript of Ms Yovanovitch’s testimony was released on Monday.

The former ambassador has been at the center of the Ukraine scandal since it emerged Mr Trump criticized her during a 25 July call with the Ukrainian president.

In the call, the president said she was “bad news” and that the ambassador would “go through some things.”

“I didn’t know what it meant. I was very concerned. I still am, “Ms Yovanovitch said.





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 45: 49. (Z)    


Donald Trumphas said US special forces forces gave Isis leaderAbu Bakr al-Baghdadia ‘*** one way ticket to hell’, “reports Joe Sommerlad.

” Speaking to supporters in Lexington, Kentucky, he said US forces had killed al-Baghdadi and his successor.

“’Even on a Monday night is there anything cooler than being at a Trump rally,’ he asked the audience, which cheered its support.

“The president was appearing in support of Republican governor Matt Bevin, whose facing an election tomorrow against Democratic challenger, state attorney general Andy Beshear.”





               2019 – 11 – (T) : 36: 49. 000 Z    


The Trump administration has begun to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement.

The White House said on Monday that it had filed paperwork to withdraw the country from the landmark climate pact.

Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state, confirmed the step on Twitter.

The move comes as part of a broader strategy by Mr Trump to roll back climate protections in the US.     







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