Friday , April 16 2021

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Former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick considering 2020 presidential run

Deval Patrick, the ex-governor of Massachusetts, is reportedly planning to join Michael Bloomberg in making a late bid to join the Democratic 2020 field, according toThe New York Times.

“He’s taking and making calls,” one of the Democrats familiar with Patrick’s thinkingtold CNN.

The candidate would undoubtedly face an uphill task if he were to join at this late stage, having limited national profile, insufficient personal wealth to fuel a campaign and because he has already missed the Alabama filing deadline (Arknasas’s passes today , New Hampshire’s on Friday).

He has also been criticized in the past for a checkered corporate career that has seen him working for subprime mortgage lender Ameriquest, notorious fortargeting middle class black families w ith sky-high loans, and working for private investment firm Bain Capital, co-founded by Utah Republican senator

Pierre Delecto

Mitt Romney.

Patrick was apparently considering announcing his run late last year before deciding against it after his wife Diane was diagnosed with uterine cancer, writing on Facebook: “After a lot of conversation, reflection and prayer, I’ve decided that a 2020 campaign for president is not for me. I’ve been overwhelmed by advice and encouragement from people from all over the country, known and unknown.

“But knowing that the cruelty of our elections process would ultimately splash back on people whom Diane and I love, but who hadn’t signed up for the journey, was more than I could ask. “


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