Trump news – live: President booed at World Series as Democrats demand to know why Congress was not briefed on al-Baghdadi raid – The Independent, Independent

Trump news – live: President booed at World Series as Democrats demand to know why Congress was not briefed on al-Baghdadi raid – The Independent, Independent





Donald Trumpwas roundly booed as he attended Game 5 of baseball’sWorld Seriesin DC on Sunday, with fans of the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros chanting “Lock him up!” As “Veterans forImpeachment” signs were held aloft by spectators, prompting the president to leave the stadium early.


On Saturday, Mr Trump had triumphantly announced the death ofIsisleaderAbu Bakr al-Baghdadiin a US-led raid that saw him cornered in a dead-end tunnel inSyria, the president assuring the world the terrorist had died “crying and screaming”.


When leading DemocratsNancy PelosiandChuck Schumerdemanded to know why Congress had not been briefed on the operation in advance at a time when the White House’s approach to foreign policy is already under intense scrutiny, vice presidentMike Pencesquirmed and struggled to answer the question on Fox News.




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               2019 – 10 – (T) : 26: 53. (Z)    


Donald Trump is praising ICE officials while assailing undocumented immigrants in this speech:





               2019 – 10 – 28 T 16: 20: 01. (Z) *******************************    

      “I want to thank you, President Obama, for giving me 142 open judges, “Donald Trump quipped. “Thank you, President Obama. How you allowed that to happen …”     




               – 10 – (T) : 18: 15. (Z)    


Donald Trump said “human traffickers” sounds like an “ancient crime” but it has been reenergised because of “the internet”.

He’s now attacking “activist judges” for supposedly undermining his hardline immigration policies.





               2019 – 10 – 28 T 16: (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 29. (Z)    


Donald Trump has said he will soon be signing a new executive order on law enforcement and the administration of justice.

A commission established by the president will “provide concrete recommendations and study the best practices to recruit, train and hire” officials who can help police departments deal with systemic issues like homelessness and mental health.





               – 10 – (T) : (*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 34. (Z)    


Breaking:The Department of Justice has officially appealed a ruling from last week requiring the department to hand over grand jury information from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 07 : 14. (Z)    

      Donald Trump has said “Afghanistan is a safe place in comparison” to Chicago, where he’s speaking at a police convention.     




               – 10 – 28 T 16: 05: 01. (Z) *******************************    


Donald Trump is talking about a “dangerous trend of criminals assaulting police,” adding: “We don’t like that.”

“An attack on law enforcement is an attack on all Americans,” he said. “We believe that criminals who murder our police should get the death penalty.”





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 02: 28. (Z)    

      Donald Trump is attacking Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson, saying he has failed to combat the city’s crime rates. He cited Chicago’s police statistics and also mocked other liberal cities facing higher than usual crime rates.     




               2019 – 10 – (T) : 00: 02 . (Z)    


Donald Trump mocked Jussie Smollett, the actor who reportedly lied about a hate crime he said he was subjected to in Chicago.

The president said the act ” beat up himself “and added:” That’s a scam, just like the impeachment of your president is a scam. “





               2019 – 10 – 28 T 15: (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************: 28. (Z)    

      The president is asking the room: “Does anyone in the room have a 401 K that is down? ” then asked “Does anyone in the room have a 401 K that is up? ” to cheers.     




               2019 – 10 – (T) : 57: 02. (Z)    


Donald Trump is speaking at a police convention in Chicago. He has already attacked the city’s policy chief, slammed the mayor of Chicago and even actor Jussie Smollett.

We’ll have more quotes and video incoming momentarily.





               2019 – 10 – 28 T 15: 50: 47. (Z)    


The Independent’sHarry Cockburn has more on that photo featuring Donald Trump and his top military aides, along with Vice President Mike Pence, as they were reportedly overseeing the raid that led to the death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi: ********     




               2019 – 10 – (T) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************: 30: 49. 000 Z    


Here’s my story on Charles Kupperman, the former deputy to ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton, and his failure to comply with a Congressional subpoena earlier this morning:





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 10: 00. 000 Z    


ForIndy 100, Greg Evans constrasts Trump’s treatment by the World Series crowd with his predecessor’s reception at Game 2 of the NBA playoffs between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors in June.





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 50: 10. (Z) *******************************    


A top aide to Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, who sat in on the phone call with Ukraine that’s now at the heart of an impeachment inquiry, declined to testify before Congress on Monday.

An attorney for Charles Kupperman, the deputy to ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton, said he could not testify before House committees investigating the president after the White House ordered him not to appear before Congress , citing executive privilege.

Mr Kupperman was subpoenaed by the Democratic-led committees to discuss the phone call in which Mr Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch investigations into one of his political rivals, Joe Biden, as well as the origins of the Russian investigation. A whistleblower complaint alleged the White House withheld crucial financial aid to the country while pressing Ukraine to conduct the probes.

Story to come …





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 30: 28. (Z) *******************************    


Adam Schiff said during a Monday morning press conference that “each time the White House steps in front of Congress getting documents” and witness interviews, “they will be building a very powerful case” of obstruction against Donald Trump.

“They are merely building an obstruction case against the president,” the House Intelligence chairman said. He also condemned Republicans continuing to defend the president, saying: “Where is their duty to this institution, where is their duty to the Constitution, where is their respect to the rule of law?”





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 10: 00. 000 Z    


Trump’s new national security adviserRobert O’Brien– just weeks into the job – has already found himself hauled ontoMeet the Pressto deny the extent of the administration’s bond with Russia after the Kremlin was tipped off about the Isis raid when Congress wasn’t.

Welcome aboard Bob, you’ll do just fine.





               2019 – 10 – 28 T 13: 50: 28. (Z) *******************************    


The president hinted he may release footage of the raid after describing it as “something really amazing to see”.

Donald Trump described watching the death of Islamic State leader Bakr al-Baghdadi “as though you were watching a movie” over the weekend, providing key details of the secretive raid during a press conference.





               2019 – 10 – (T) : 46: 07. (Z)    


Donald Trump said he was considering releasing footage of the US-led raid over the weekend responsible for the reported death of Bakr al-Baghdadi, a major leader of the Islamic State.

“We’re thinking about it,” the president told reporters on Monday morning. “We may. The question was, am I considering releasing video footage of the raid. And we may take certain parts of it and release it, yes. ”








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