Sunday , May 16 2021

'Trump wants to choose the nominee': Biden super PAC issues early state warning – POLITICO, Politico






The memo fromUnite the Countrysuper PAC, recently formed to boost Biden’s lagging fundraising, lays out the candidate’s consistent strength in national Democratic primary polls and in head-to-head match ups with President Donald Trump in battleground states. ********

It also points to Biden’s steady lead in South Carolina and Nevada, the latter two of the four early state primaries, which have a far more diverse electorate than both Iowa and New Hampshire. Wins therewould give Bidenmomentum heading into the 14 Super Tuesday primaries, the memo states. ********

“Much like Secretary Clinton did after Iowa and New Hampshire, there is a very real path for Biden to get on a run to roll up delegates in the contests that come in the 6 weeks following New Hampshire,” the memo reads. ********

Even before Trump began airing ads targeting Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Biden campaign has sought to manage expectations, saying that unlike other campaigns the former vice president doesn’t need to win Iowa to maintain a formidable position in the primary field. ********

While the campaignhas called Iowa “critical”and maintains Biden can win it, it has long stressed that Biden performs best in states with a more diverse electorate. ********

Three recent polls have shown Biden lagging in Iowa, dropping to fourth place behind Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. ********

POLITICO reportedthis week that the super PAC aims to air TV ads in Iowa by Thanksgiving and has already seen a healthy flow of donations. ********

Marc Caputo contributed to this report.






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