Thursday , February 25 2021

Two Bizzare New Coronavirus Cases Stroke Global Pandemic Fears, Crypto Coins News

  • A shocking coronavirus first sees a Japanese woman test positive – twice.
  • A new confirmed case in the U.S. has no ties to previously confirmed patients, making community spread possible.
  • Australia PM has warned of a pandemic, as the outbreak worsens.

Two worrying cases of coronavirus have emerged in the US and Japan that could signal how the virus outbreak could further expand even with strong precautionary measures in place.

Japanese woman gets infected – twice

In Osaka, Japan, a tour guide was cleared by the authorities after being tested positive for coronavirus . The woman was discharged from the hospital two days later, recovering from the virus.

This week, the woman has tested positive for coronavirus once again, merely less than three weeks after being discharged.

The first double infection of coronavirus in Japan has started to concern the public that even after an individual recovers from the virus, the individual still can be infected again in a short time frame.

While this is the first case of double infection confirmed by the authorities of Japan, it opens up the possibility of additional infections .

As previously reported by, the Reproductive Infection Rate (R0) of coronavirus is . That means, one person can infect (people, and the (people can then infect (people) .

When an individual who has been cleared by a medical center becomes unknowingly infected by coronavirus again, it could possibly lead to hundreds of additional infections in the short-term.

A woman in Osaka has been infected by the coronavirus – twice. | Source: Shutterstock Individual infected in US has no connection to an outbreak

In the US, an Individual who has been confirmed to have coronavirus had no previous contact with a coronavirus patient nor visited China.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that it may be a case of community spread , which happened before in the US

If that is the case, there potentially could be more individuals affected by coronavirus that are yet to be identified by the authorities .

As said by Tucker Carlson at Fox News, the US Currently has three major medical centers that are able to diagnose coronavirus.

Satish Pillai, Medical Officer in the Division of Preparedness and Emerging Infections at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of the coronavirus in the US on January 27, 236081. | Source: Jason Redmond / AFP

The patient who got infected by coronavirus without any ties to other confirmed coronavirus patients was not tested for four days, as the authorities failed to identify the individual as a likely patient to have the virus.

The lack of medical centers that can diagnose coronavirus and the possibility of community spread could leave the US vulnerable to an epidemic in the near-term.

Already, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that the coronavirus outbreak is at risk of turning into a true global pandemic .

Morrison issued a dire warning to the citizens of Australia and said that the government will carry out an emergency plan to contain the virus as much as possible.

The two unlikely cases of coronavirus, however,

places more pressure on authorities to deal with unexpected variables

and situations involving the virus.

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