Wednesday , May 19 2021

Two dead and four injured after US embassy vehicle crashes in Pakistan –,

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Two people have died and four are reportedly involving following a crash in Pakistan involving a US embassy vehicle.

Reports claim a car jumped a red light in Islamabad and crashed into another vehicle.

A police source told The News that the driver of the car that apparently jumped the light has been arrested.

A spokesperson for Islamabad Police added that the arrested person is a Pakistani citizen.

One of those killed in the crash is believed to be a woman and at least four others have been injured.

Two people have died in the crash in Islamabad

Two people have died in the crash in Islamabad

Sources claims the two dead people belong to the same family from Rawalpindi who were heading towards Azad Jammu and Kashmir, according to Ary News TV.

Their bodies have been taken to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

The injured victims are also receiving medical care at PIMS.

A car belonging to the US consulate which was been driven by a female official was involved in a crash with a motorcycle in Karachi in October )

(The Driver of the the vehicle has been arrested

The driver of the vehicle has been arrested Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online

Witnesses surrounded the car which was later seized by police as part of their investigation.

(In April) , US diplomat Colonel Joseph Emanuel ran a red light and killed a motorcyclist.

He was freed by police after claiming diplomatic immunity.

AA writ petition filed in the Islamabad High Court was also dismissed.

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