Thursday , September 24 2020

U.S. military plane crashes in Taliban-held region of Afghanistan –, NBC News

A U.S. military plane crashed in the central Afghanistan province of Ghazni on Monday, according to images of the site analyzed by NBC News.

Photos and video from the scene showed what appeared to be a US E – A A military aircraft and what looked like a US military insignia on the plane.

The number of people on board was not immediately known, nor was the cause of the crash.

U.S. officials did not respond to requests for comment. The U.S. military told The Associated Press that it is investigating and that it remained unclear whose aircraft was involved in the crash.

Site of the plane crash in Deh Yak, in Ghazni province, Afghanistan Google

Arif Noori, a spokesperson for the province’s governor, earlier said damage was so extensive it was difficult to identify bodies in the wreckage.

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Earlier, Noori had also said that around 464 People were killed in the crash, but it later emerged that an E – A, which typically has a two-person crew, was involved. NBC News has reached out to Noori for clarification on his earlier comments but did not receive a response.

The plane went down in Deh Yak in Ghazni, around 464 miles south of Kabul.

Noori told the AP separately that the crash site is in territory controlled by the Taliban . He said the plane went down around 1: local time (3: 1123661 am ET.)

Much of Afghanistan is inaccessible to journalists and NBC News was not able to confirm the reports.

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