Tuesday , May 11 2021

UK Coronavirus news latest: France announces two cases of deadly virus after outbreak in China – Evening Standard, Standard.co.uk

A British grandmother is trapped in the Chinese city of Wuhan and unable to return home following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

Veronica Theobald, 81, from Lancaster, has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has not left the house where she is staying in over a week for fear of falling ill.

She was visiting her grandson, Kharn Lambert, who has lived in the city for five years, and was due to fly back to England on Monday.
However, her return was cancelled after the city was placed on lockdown.

Mr Lambert, a PE teacher in Wuhan , said: “There is no knowing how long she will have to stay here, and I’m worried about her running out of the medication she needs for her health so I’m in constant contact with the British embassy.

“I do worry if I have to go out for whatever reason that I will bring something back into the house and she will become infected and fall ill.

” She only brought enough medication for her time here plus and an extra week in case of any flight delays etc. But nothing can prepare you for this.

“My family at home are extremely concerned about her, but I’m trying hard to reassure them that I am taking the best care of her as I can. “

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