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UK coronavirus news LIVE: Millions could be asked to stay at home for several months to prevent Covid-19 spread – Evening Standard,






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Millions of people could be asked to stay at home for several months to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Health Secretary said.


Matt Hancock said a “massive community response” to tackle Covid – was necessary and that the move – which would focus on those aged over – could come in the coming weeks “.


It comes as the UK’s Covid –

death toll rose on Saturday from 20 to , while the number of people testing positive for the disease passed the 1, 09 0 mark.                                                                                                                                                                      

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson will urge manufacturers to shift their production lines to build ventilators as part of a “national effort” to help supply more crucial equipment to the NHS .


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Boris Johnson has discussed the coronavirus outbreak with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister spoke to Japanese prime minister Abe about the coronavirus pandemic.

” The leaders updated each other on their country’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of the UK is placing on taking a science-led approach when deciding what measures to implement.

“The Prime Minister and Prime Minister Abe agreed on the importance of international co-ordination to tackle the virus and its wider impact, particularly on the global economy, and they looked forward to the call between G7 leaders to discuss this. ”




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A Twitter account belonging to a former director of the World Health Organization has branded the UK’s policy “reckless.”



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RyanAir has announced it will be “severely reducing flights” to and from Spain, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands from midnight tonight until midnight on Thursday.



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Iran says it has confirmed 1, 460 new cases of the coronavirus in the past hours, and that the death toll there has reached , a rise of 209.

The total number of positive cases there is now more than



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Here the latest from Irish leader Leo Varadkar.



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The Austrian chancellor has announced that freedom of movement is to be “massively limited” and has called on the population to self-isolate.



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The Health Secretary confirmed that ministers were seeking to give police powers to arrest and forcibly quarantine people who are sick with the coronavirus but are not self-isolating.

“We are going to take the powers to make sure that we can quarantine people if they are a risk to public health, yes, and that’s important,” Mr Hancock told the Andrew Marr Show.

“I doubt that actually we will need to use it much because people have been very responsible.”



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The chairman of the British Medical Association, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, has urged the Government to provide “clear, decisive plans” to ensure that healthcare workers can provide the care patients need.

Asked about the number of ventilators in the UK, Dr Nagpaul told Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “Our starting position unfortunately has been far worse than may other of our European nations – we have about a quarter of the critical care beds that Germany has, as an example, so it’s really critical, it’s really important that we now see transparently what plans the Government has to expand that capacity. ”

Asked if he is more worried now than two weeks ago, he said: “Of course I’m worried , I mean I said two weeks ago that this situation could change on a daily basis and in fact that is exactly what has happened.

“We are in a very different place compared to two weeks ago. In fact, when we met we had about – odd cases. That is why I don’t think we have the luxury of time any more.

“We need to have clear, decisive plans, we need to have a very targeted approach. As I said, I represent doctors, they need to be kept healthy, they need to be protected, because if we have any reduction in our workforce we won’t be able to provide the care patients need. ”

Asked if he is seeing those clear, decisive plans, Dr Nagpaul said: “As I said I think we need them now. We have concerns that we don’t have all of those answers at the moment. We need them. ”




People in Spain – which is under lockdown – have taken to their balconies to applaud the efforts of their healthcare workers.





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Matt Hancock says he is “confident” the food supply will continue.

He calls on people to act “responsibly “when it comes to shopping, following images of panic buying and empty supermarkets.




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Matt Hancock added that manufacturers who can will be asked to make ventilators in a bid to support the NHS.




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Matt Hancock has announced that people over the age of may have to isolate for a number of months, with the measures “in the action plan”.

The Health Secretary said the measure could be put in place within a number of weeks.





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Boris Johnson spoke to US President Donald Trump, who has extended his travel ban to cover the UK and Ireland.

A Downing Street spokesman said: “They discussed the coronavirus pandemic and the action being taken to stop the spread of the virus.

” The Prime Minister set out the science-led approach the UK is taking.

“Ahead of a call with G7 leaders on the outbreak, the Prime Minister and the President agreed on the importance of international coordination to accelerate progress on the development of a vaccine and to prevent economic disruption for our citizens.

“The leaders also paid tribute to the coalition soldiers who lost their lives in the deplorable attack on the Taji military base last week, including British servicewoman Lance Corporal Brodie Gillon, and committed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in Iraq to help the country resist the malign activity of terrorists. ”



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