Tuesday , November 24 2020

UK weather forecast: Big freeze to send temperatures plunging to -6C – Mirror Online, Mirror.co.uk

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****** Icy blasts are set to send temperatures plunging to -6C as Britain faces a freezing weekend after the turbulence of Storm Brendan.

Wales, south-west England and Northern Ireland will be hit with frostyweatherconditions as the temperature drops to -2C to -4C in the countryside.

Snow is expected at the higher grounds in Scotland along with the blustery wind and gales around exposed the coast.

But thanks to the developing high pressure other areas in Britain will have a sunny clear day at around 6C to 8C.

But it will not last for long when widespread frost forms away from coastal areas, bringing inland temperatures as low as -6C.


The weather will stay dry and fine this weekend after Storm Brendan wreaked havoc across Britain(Image: Getty Images)

Icy and frost patches will cover Wales, Northern Ireland and south-west England(Image: Getty Images)****************

It will be a freezing start to Sunday morning but the weather will warm up with a good deal of sunshine.

BBC Weather’s Chris Fawkes said: “For Saturday, a big change for the weather picture is on the way thanks to the developing area of ​​high pressure, that means we’ll have a lot of sunshine on all morning throughout to the afternoon.

“In fact, for many of the places, there will be barely a cloud in the sky.



(********************Temperatures will plunge to -6C in some areas but other areas remain around -2C(Image: Met Office)

“Temperatures will be a bit lower than what we’ve seen in the recent days. Highs are around 8C in the central area, but these temperatures are actually closer than normal at the time of year.

“Now the second half of the weekend, on Saturday night we have a cold night coming through.

“Temperatures again getting well below the freezing point in the countryside.




**************Snow patches are expected to cover part of Scotland and the highlands(Image: Getty Images)

“Sunday we’ll have lots of dry weather, not much cloud around at all. The winds will stay light and the temperature, pretty stay as highs around 7C or 8C.

“So after a rough week of weather, we’ve got a lot of sunshine and lots of dry weather to look forward to.”Read More

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Five-day weather forecast: ************************** Today:

Most central and southern areas will be dry with light winds, variable cloud and sunny spells. Windy in the north, with further showers, some of these heavy in the north-west and falling as snow over hills.

(Tonight:) **********************************

Isolated showers in the north and also parts of eastern England later. Elsewhere, clear periods allowing a widespread sharp frost and also some freezing fog patches in the west.


Cold, but dry with a good deal of sunshine, although freezing fog patches slow to clear in northwest England. Windy and cloudier in the far north with a few showers.

(Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Cloudy in the north with occasional light rain. Dry elsewhere and mostly sunny, although overnight frost and fog could be slow to clear. Turning cloudier and milder by midweek.

************************ (******************************************

************************************ (Read More) **************************************** (************************************************

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