Unexploded World War II bomb removed from London's Soho after discovery sparked evacuations – Evening Standard,

Unexploded World War II bomb removed from London's Soho after discovery sparked evacuations – Evening Standard,





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An unexploded Second World War bomb found London’s Soho has been removed after the discovery sparked evacuations


Police cordoned off parts of Dean Street near the Soho Hotel and a bomb disposal unit were scrambled to the scene to handle the suspected explosive on Monday.


Witnesses described “lots of commotion” as the area surrounding the site was shut off at about 1. 50 pm, with cordons put in place in Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road, Shaftesbury Avenue, Lexington Street and Poland Street.


Scotland Yard confirmed shortly before 9pm that the half-tonne bomb had now been removed and that cordons in the area were being lifted.


Soho lockdown after discovery of unexploded WWII bomb



Soho Hotel, the Soho Theater and private members club the Groucho Club were evacuated when the bomb was discovered.


Several police officers had blocked off the street as crowds gathered near the police tape.


Soho worker, George Turner, said people in offices had been told to stay inside and away from the windows.


“We are just outside the blast radius. However, all the neighborhood offices have been evacuated,” he told LBC News.



        Firefighters at the scene where an uxploded Second World War bomb was discovered (AFP via Getty Images)       


A Royal Engineers bomb disposal unit had been called in and removed the half-tonne device.


One video showed police checking nearby buildings to make sure no one was still inside.


London Fire Brigade said they are at the scene supporting police with four fire engines and around firefighters.                                                                                                                                                                                                       


         Members of the fire brigade work near a police cordon in the Soho area (AFP via Getty Images)       


A Ministry of Defense spokeswoman said following the discovery: “An Army explosive ordnance disposal team has been called out to Soho to support the Metropolitan Police after discovery of a kg Second World War device.


“The Army EOD team have confirmed the bomb was safe to remove overnight to a location where it will be detonated.


“Military personnel are regularly required to assist with the disposal of historic ordnance such as this, ensuring every situation is dealt with as quickly as possible for the safety of the general public.”




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