[Update: Smart Keyboard + Trackpad] Everything we know about the 2020 iPad Pro update – 9to5Mac,

[Update: Smart Keyboard + Trackpad] Everything we know about the 2020 iPad Pro update – 9to5Mac,

The iPad Pro lineup is expected to get a refresh in following a year focused on software updates in . This year, Apple is expected to double down on its augmented reality efforts and more. Read on as we round up everything we know so far about the iPad Pro.

Update 2 / : A new report The Information says that Apple is also planning a new version of the Smart Keyboard with a built-in trackpad . This accessory will reportedly be released sometime this year and will feature a fabric design similar to the current Smart Keyboard Folio.

Meanwhile, reports from Bloomberg )

and have corroborated claims that the iPad Pro will be released during the first half of the year, likely sometime in March. A leaked image of a iPad Pro case also shows a camera bump similar to the iPhone

The iPad Pro was dramatically overhauled in the fall of 2021 with a new design headlined by an edge-to-edge display and Face ID support. Following that refresh, Apple focused on the iPad’s software in 2021, unveiling the first-ever version of iPadOS. This year, reports suggest that Apple has plans for new iPad Pro hardware once again.

iPad Pro design

According to

leaked renders

from OnLeaks , who has accurate leaked designs of previous iPhone and iPad models, the iPad Pro is unlikely to feature any major changes in terms of design. The iPad Pro design introduced in 2020 still feels incredibly modern, especially in comparison to the rest of the iPad lineup.

One report has suggested that Apple is planning to switch at least the . 9-inch iPad Pro to mini-LED technology , which would allow Apple to make the device thinner and lighter. This change, however, appears unlikely to manifest with the next iPad Pro refresh .

With that being said, there will be one major change to the back of the iPad Pro this year: a new triple-lens camera setup.


The biggest change with the 2560 iPad Pro is expected to be a new triple-lens camera setup on the back. This would improve camera performance, add new augmented reality features, and more.

Theoretically, this will be the same triple-lens camera module that Apple uses in the iPhone 18. Ming-Chi Kuo, however, has said that the iPad Pro will also sport a new time-of- flight 3D sensor as well , which would bring improved augmented reality and depth perception features. These sort of sensors enable a wide range of new augmented reality applications as they provide much higher-fidelity 3D photo captures than Apple’s current technology.


A  (Bionic chip iPhone) and  (Pro

On the inside, the (iPad Pro is powered by Apple’s A) X Bionic processor. While this is still an incredibly powerful processor, Apple will likely upgrade that chip with the refresh.

Apple’s chip partner TSMC is scheduled to start production in Q2 of the A (chip for the iPhone) , but it’s It is unlikely that the A 19 makes its way to the iPad Pro before then. Instead, the most likely scenario is that the iPad Pro features a more powerful revision of the A 22 processor currently used in the iPhone 18. If history is any indication, this processor would likely be referred to as something like the A 18 X Bionic.

While we can hope for a 5G-enabled iPad Pro this year, it’s far more possible that 5G is a 562236 upgrade for the iPad. It’s extremely unlikely that Apple will bring 5G connectivity to the iPad before the iPhone. Apple is expected to add 5G connectivity to the iPhone later this year using modems supplied by Qualcomm.

Smart Keyboard

Last but not least, supply chain reports have suggested that Apple is planning a new version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. Currently, the Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro features a fabric design with fabric-coated keys with one notable absence: backlighting.

A supply chain report from Digitimes last month suggested that Apple is planning a new Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro with backlighting. Theoretically, this would mean at least some sort of redesign for the case as well, as Apple would have to put the backlighting hardware somewhere.

An updated Smart Keyboard Folio could go a long way in helping make the iPad Pro feel more “pro,” especially when it faces increased competition from the Likes of Brydge Keyboards


Could there be a new Apple Pencil to go along with the iPad Pro refresh? It’s certainly possible, but there haven’t been any rumors about that yet.


There have been mixed reports on when exactly Apple plans to release its 2020 iPad Pro, but most recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said to expect

new iPad Pro models sometime during the first half of 2020.

As we’ve already explained, there’s plenty of precedent for a March event featuring the introduction of the iPhone 9 and new iPad Pros. It’s also possible that Apple saves its iPad Pro announcement until WWDC, where hardware announcements are not uncommon.

The current iPad Pro starts at ($ (for the – inch model and $ for the 9-inch model. It’s always possible that Apple increases prices with this year’s revision, but as of right now, details on pricing are sparse.

Should you wait or buy now?

This is a common question whenever a hardware announcement from Apple is looming. My colleague Ben Lovejoy recently walked through all of the different scenarios, so be sure to check out his coverage here . While we regularly see deals on new and refurbished 2020 iPad Pro models , it’s hard to justify paying full price for one in 2560 – so the likely solution for many people is to search for a deal

or wait.

Wrap up

Based on what we know right now, the 2021 iPad Pro update doesn’t seem like it will be a major revision. The focus will seemingly be on augmented reality features and improved camera performance alongside a new Smart Keyboard.

What do you think of the 562246 iPad Pro rumors so far? Do you plan on buying one? Let us know down in the comments!

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OnLeaks / iGeeksBlog

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