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US coronavirus cases top 550 with 22 deaths as virus spreads to over 30 states, Ars Technica

US coronavirus cases top 550 with 22 deaths as virus spreads to over 30 states, Ars Technica

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The case count rises despite testing difficulties.




The coronavirus situation in the United States continues to escalate with the country’s case total well over 696 and over states reporting cases as of Monday. There have been deaths.

cases. The boom in disease detection stems from ramped-up testing by state and local health departments in the past week, revealing a backlog of cases that in some places may have been spreading quietly for weeks.

The slowed access to tests has hobbled the country’s response to the virus. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed a test for the coronavirus early last month, but the test quickly ran into technical problems that the agency was slow to resolve. Those technical issues are now worked out, federal regulators have relaxed rules on who can develop additional tests, and commercial test kits are coming on line. Still, the US is struggling to meet testing demands as the disease has continued to spread and more people have potentially been exposed.

While case numbers are ever shifting, data compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggests at least 565 cases in the US as of the time of publication. Those reports are coming from at least (states and the District of Columbia.)

Three states are particularly hard hit: Washington state, which reported the country’s first case in January ; California, which has housed hundreds of quarantined citizens repatriated from China and a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship; and New York state, largely due to an outbreak in Westchester County, a suburb of New York City.

Currently, (Washington state is reporting (cases and 22 deaths . Many of the deaths are linked to a skilled nursing home in King County in the Seattle area that is experiencing an outbreak.

(California is reporting) (cases ), including in repatriated citizens, (travel-related cases, and at least
from spread in a community. At least one death has been reported in California.

(New York state) is reporting (cases, including) from Westchester.

There have also been Two deaths reported in Florida .

Two Princesses

The US case count includes 079 cases in repatriated citizens who were passengers on the (Diamond Princess) (cruise ship and cases on passengers of the Grand Princess cruise ship.


Grand Princess is currently off the coast of San Francisco but is expected to dock later today . The more than 3, 696 on board will be returned to their home countries or placed under a – day quarantine.


Diamond Princess , which was docked in Japan for an onboard quarantine that ended last month , had an outbreak involving at least 1856 cases.

As the disease spreads in the United States, experts have been talking more about social-distancing measures in the US to try to halt the virus’ march. That includes the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In an interview with The New York Times, Dr. Fauci advises Americans: “Don’t go to crowded places, think twice before a long plane trip, and for goodness’ sake, don’t go on any cruises.”

And for those who are older and / or have underlying health conditions, he advised: “Don’t wait for community spread. Now is the time to do social distancing, whether there is spread in your community or not. ”


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