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Victor Davis Hanson: 'I don't quite see the logic' in a Michael Bloomberg 2020 run – Fox News, Fox News

Author Victor Davis Hanson questioned former New York City MayorMichael Bloomberg’spotential entrance into the2020 Democratic race, Saying he is not the type of candidate the party will rally around.

Hanson claimedFriday on “The Story”that if Bloomberg seeks the same political lane asformer Vice President Joe Biden, the Delaware Democrat appears to be a better fit for party centrists.

Biden, 76, can successfully play to his “Good Old Joe From Scranton [Pa.]” image and appeal to the white working-class, Hanson claimed.

The 77 – year-oldBloomberg,on the other hand, has become well-known as a supporter of gun control and memorably campaigned against super-sized soft drinks while mayor of the Big Apple.


“When you look at the issues that Bloomberg has advocated – restrictions on the Second Amendment or ‘nanny-state’ intrusiveness into everything from plastic straws to super-sized drinks, climate change, open borders, sort of traditional engagement with China – that’s not the issues that won Donald Trump those swing states [in 2016], “Hanson said.

“So, I don’t quite see the logic.”

However, the Hoover Institution fellow also credited Bloomberg with being one of the richest men in the world, a “master” of media and well-informed on the issues.

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“He was a Republican that won in New York – which is an achievement, but other than that, he’s got a lot of liabilities. “

Bloomberg won two mayoral elections in New York City as a Republican and won a third term as an independent before joining the Democratic ranks. He succeeded current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, as mayor and preceded incumbent Bill de Blasio, a Democrat.

In a recent statement, Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said the ex-mayor is concerned about the current Democratic field and claimed his influx of resources into this week’s Virginia state elections shows he is actively working to help the party. Wolfson noted Virginia’s previously Republican-controlled House of Delegates and State Senate flipped to the blue column Tuesday.


“In 2018 [Bloomberg] spent more than $ 100 million to help elect Democrats to ensure that Congress began to hold the President accountable, “Wolfson said. “And this year he helped Democrats win control of both houses of the Virginia legislature.

On” The Story, “Hanson claimed Bloomberg lacks the charisma of other candidates – which could hurt him in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and other key states Trump hopes to win.

“He represents everything the new Democratic Party says it’s not, “he added, remarking the last thing many voters want is a general election battle between two New York City billionaires.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw contributed to this report

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