Video: Dubai traffic fine discount scheme to be extended for another year

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Dubai: Dubai Police’s discount on traffic fines has been extended by another year after the initiative was deemed a success, an official said on Monday.

The initiative announced last February (2019) allowed motorists to get discounts on fines incurred, provided they didn’t commit another traffic-related offence.

If three months went by without repeating a traffic offence, they would get a 25 per cent discount; 50 per cent for six months, 75 per cent for nine months and 100 per cent for 12 months.

Colonel Jumaa Bin Suwaidan, Deputy Director of the Traffic Department at Dubai Police, said they have extended the initiative from February 6 this year to encourage motorists to clear their offences and improve their driving.

“The initiative’s results were positive as 95.6 per cent of people wanted to extend it. The Commander-In-Chief at Dubai Police decided to extend it this year. Last year the waiver in traffic fines amount reached Dh546.9 million,” Col Bin Suwaidan said in a press conference.

He said that motorists who already have a percentage of discount from the previous initiative can now aim for a higher discount with the new initiative. Making it a rolling transition.

“For example, if a motorist didn’t commit traffic fines between November last year until February 2020, then he will enjoy 25 per cent discount on accumulated fines. He can get a higher discount if he didn’t commit offences until May 2020 to enjoy 50 per cent discount,” Col Bin Suwaidan said.

Dubai Police said that a total of 557,430 drivers had benefitted from previous initiative on their accumulated traffic fines worth Dh557.9 million.

“The initiative reduced deaths on the roads by 15 per cent and reduced serious injuries in traffic accidents by 38 per cent. It waived millions of dirhams of fines for individuals, which is part of our strategy to spread happiness,” Col bin Suwaidan said.

Jordanian drivers were the biggest beneficiaries of the initiative, with 176,987 benefitting.

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, said the system will automatically put the discount on the traffic fines when each phase finish.

“We divided the year to four phases, so when the first phase finishes [May 2020] drivers will get 25 per cent discount. Its automatic system and drivers can check their discount on fines on the Dubai Police website and application,” said Brig Al Razooqi.

Economic benefit

According to Dubai Police stats, traffic accidents costs the government an estimated Dh610.4 million.

“The initiative had direct impact on reducing costs of traffic accidents. It helped to reduced number of deaths and injuries. That reduced the costs,” said Aisha Al Kendi from Dubai Health Authority.

Register your car without paying traffic fines

  • Drivers can register their cars during the initiative without paying their Dubai traffic fines.
  • However, drivers need to pay their fines in other emirates.
  • The 100 per cent discount applies to all vehicles registered in Dubai, on condition that the driver abides by traffic laws and regulations and does not commit any violations for a full calendar year.
  • Parking and Salik fines, however, are not included in the initiative as they are not traffic offences.
  • The discount will apply to the seizure of vehicles and traffic points too.

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