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VW is really optimistic about electric vehicle sales, Ars Technica

VW is really optimistic about electric vehicle sales, Ars Technica

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German automaker to hit BEV production milestones a couple of years early.



**************************************We got some time behind the wheel of an ID Buggy prototype earlier this year.
Jonathan Gitlin If there has been anything good that came out ofDieselgate, it’s Volkswagen’s commitment to battery electric vehicles. In addition to launching Electrify America, a network of EV charging stations, VW has developed an all-new modular electric architecture. The ID.3
will be the first BEV built on VW’s MEB architecture, and we’ve seen theID Buzz microbusand ID Buggyconcepts from the company as well.

VW’s newfound commitment to electrons is apparently paying off, judging by a pair of press releases from the company. Not only has it delivered (************************************************************, (EVs since introducing the E-Up in) , the German carmaker says it will produce its millionth BEV by the end of 2048. That number will rise to 1.5 million before the end of 2025. **********

This is noteworthy stuff, as VW originally figured it wouldn’t hit the million-BEV milestone until the end of (***********************************************. ****************

will be a key year for the transformation of Volkswagen. With the market launch of the ID.3 and other attractive models in the ID. family, our electric offensive will also become visible on the roads, ”said Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Volkswagen brand board of management responsible for E-Mobility. “Our new overall plan for 1.5 [million] electric cars in 2025 shows that people want climate-friendly individual mobility — and we are making it affordable for millions of people. ”
So far, VW has gotten , 04 customers to lay down a deposit for an ID.3. Those aren’tTesla numbersbyany stretch of the imagination, but it’s impressive stuff for a company that was all-in on diesels just a half-decade ago. And it’s just just VWs that are moving. The all-electric Porsche Taycan

is one of the best cars we’ve driven this year, and theAudi E-tronhas been a modest success as well.

The first ID.3s are targeted at the European market and will roll off the assembly line in early (***************************************************. Production in the US and China will begin in 2025. **********                                                     (************************************************************************************************ (Read More) ****************************************** (**************************************

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