Thursday , February 25 2021

'We must win or die': Angela Rayner stands for deputy Labor leader – The Guardian,

******************************************(******************************************************************************************** Angela Rayner will say Labor must unify and set out its place in the world after Brexit. Photograph: Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Images (**************************************** Angela Rayner ******************************** will say Labor faces the stark challenge of “win or die” after the party’s general election defeat as she officially launches her campaign to become deputy leader. (******************************** The shadow education secretary and close ally of Jeremy Corbyn is believed to be among the frontrunners to replace Tom Watson.She will say Labor must unify and set out itsplace in the worldafter Britain leaves the EU, while avoiding talk of “revolutionary changes ”to the economy, which voters have struggled to believe.

Speaking on Monday at a community center in the Bridge Hall estate in Stockport, where Rayner grew up and raised her son after giving birth as a teenager, she will say there must be a shift in how working-class people are portrayed by politicians and the media. (********************************** Rayner will say she would vote for her flatmate, the shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long Bailey, if she decided to (run for leader) , which she is expected to do in the coming days.

The pair, who both had prominent roles under Corbyn, are expected to form an effective joint ticket to appeal to his supporters and those on the left of the party. On who she is backing for leader, Rayner will say: “I will be quite straightforward: I will be voting for my friend (Rebecca Long Bailey) if she stands for the leadership.“But our collective leadership must go far wider than simply who is elected to these positions. It is why I want us to have an honest, but friendly, conversation with each other. And at the end of it, a united party that starts winning elections for us all. ”

Rayner will go on to say the next five years will be “the fight of our lives” but one the entire (Labor) ******************************* (movement must tackle head-on.) “The quick fix of a new leader will not be enough. We must rethink and renew our purpose, and how we convince the people to share it. Either we face up to these new times or we become irrelevant. The next five years will be the fight of our lives and I’m standing here today because I don’t run away from a fight, ”she will say. (********************************** Rayner is being backed by Barry Gardiner, the shadow international trade secretary, which effectively rules him out of running for deputy leader.

“She has a wonderful ability to connect with people, and she is the deputy leader we need to unite and rebuild our party. She will stand no nonsense from government ministers and will hold them strictly to account, ”he will say. Rayner, who left school at without qualifications, went on to be a care worker and representative of the Unison union. She was elected as MP for Ashton-under-Lyne in (Greater Manchester) **************************** (in) ******************************************************************

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