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Who Won the Debate? Experts Weigh In – The New York Times,

There was little consensus on who won or lost, but political strategists thought several moments stood out.

**********************Six candidates participated in the debate in Des Moines on Tuesday.
(Credit …) ****************** (Tamir Kalifa for the New).York Times*******************************************
(***************************************Jan. (****************************************************************************************************************, 2020,1: am ET

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    Twitter can’t tell us whether , or how, Tuesday’s CNN / Des Moines Register debate might change voters’ minds. But it can give us the perspectives of some of the people with expertise on primary races: veteran campaign strategists, consultants and analysts.

    Here is a sampling of their reactions.

    Elizabeth WarrenThere was no real disagreement about the most effective moment of the night: Senator Elizabeth Warren’s response to the inevitable question about her dispute with Senator Bernie Sanders. After saying she was “not here to try to fight with Bernie,” Ms. Warren pivoted to themuch larger questionof women’s “electability.”

    “What we will likely remember most from this night is @ewarren and her well litigated exchange with @BernieSanders on electability. This is very tricky terrain for women candidates and she came out the winner. ”-

    Jennifer Palmieri******************************************, former spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

    “I’m watching the #DemDebate with of my university students , and they overwhelmingly picked @EWarren as the winner at the first break. Why? Because she emphasized female pride and empowerment. ”-(Frank Luntz) **************************************************, Republican pollster and consultant “Warren is the only candidate whose performance could shake things up. Her electability riff was the most memorable thing all night. The fact she was the only candidate to break through with a singular moment ups the odds that tonight helps her. ”- (********************************** (Ian Sams) ************************************************************, former spokesman for Senator Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign(Bernie Sanders)The consensus among the strategists and analysts was that Ms. Warren won the electability exchange with Mr. Sanders. But Mr. Sanders got good reviews for his overall debate performance.

    “The exchange w / Warren notwithstanding, Bernie brings real energy to these debates. Probably uses them to energize his folks more than anyone does. ”-

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