Why Queen Elizabeth Supports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Fighting Back – Showbiz Cheat Sheet,

Why Queen Elizabeth Supports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Fighting Back – Showbiz Cheat Sheet,




Prince Harry and Meghan Marklehave experienced a lot ofnegativityin the press lately, though they are not sitting back any longer. It was recently announced the couple has decided to take legal actions against a news outlet that had published defamatory information about Meghan Markle.

While the move may seem extreme, there is no question thatQueen Elizabethis standing behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In fact, the queen herself knows all too well what it is like when one is being portrayed negatively in the media.

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are suing the Mail On Sunday

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle
Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are taking legal actions against the Mail On Sunday and its parent company, Associated Newspapers, over an alleged illegal publication of a private letter written by Meghan Markle.

In a statement released on the royals’official website, Prince Harry and Markle claim there has been a “misuse of private information, infringement of copyright and breach of the Data Protection Act 2018. ”

Moreover, a spokesperson from the law firm Schillings, which will represent Prince Harry and Markle, said the Mail On Sunday not only invaded her privacy but also tended to “publish false and deliberately derogatory stories about her, as well as her husband. ”

Prince Harry compared Markle’s experience with the press to his mother’s. “I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditised to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person,” he said. “I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.”

Why Queen Elizabeth supports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


It has been said that Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markleget along very well. The queen has shown a lot of support for Markle ever since the latter joined the royal family in 2018. As such, there is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth would not want to see Markle be vilified by the press either.

Additionally, Queen Elizabeth saw what happened to Princess Diana in the 1980 s and 1990 s when she was relentlessly pursued by the media. It eventually led to hertragic deathin 1997 when she was involved in a car chase with the paparazzi.

The royal family has learned a lot from Princess Diana’s experience, and Queen Elizabeth most likely would support any move to keep her family members safe when the press gets too vicious.

Queen Elizabeth once threatened a lawsuit against the BBC


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Today The Queen visited Cambridge on a day of engagements including to visit The National Institute of Agricultural Botany, The Royal Papworth Hospital and Queens’ College, Cambridge. #RoyalVisitCambridge In the morning The Queen helped The NIAB to celebrate its 100 th anniversary. NIAB is one of Britain’s oldest, and fastest growing, crop science research centers. Her Majesty learned about the work The NIAB does, saw visitor books which had been signed by King George V and Queen Mary, and The Duke of Cambridge. In the afternoon, Her Majesty visited The Royal Papworth Hospital where she was joined by The Duchess of Gloucester, who is Patron of the hospital. Her Majesty met transplant patients, consultants and visited the new hospital which has been built and will include 300 new beds for patients. At Queens’ College Cambridge The Queen met staff and graduates, as Patroness of the college.

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Perhaps the biggest reason why Queen Elizabeth is supporting Prince Harry and Markle is because Her Majesty has been through something similar.

In 2007 , she shot a documentary with the BBC, though afterwards, the promo for the trailer painted her in a bad light. It featured a clip of the queen disagreeing with photographer Annie Leibovitz over whether Her Majesty should wear her crown. The BBC followed that with a clip of Queen Elizabeth walking away and complaining to an aide, which made it look like she was having a temper tantrum.

The queen’s lawyers warned the BBC that they might have breached their contract by portraying her in a false light and possibly ruining her reputation.

Although no lawsuit was filed, the BBC ended upapologizingfor the incident. “In this trailer there is a sequence that implies that the Queen left a sitting prematurely,” the statement said. “This was not the case and the actual sequence of events was misrepresented. The BBC would like to apologize to both the Queen and Annie Leibovitz for any upset this may have caused. ”


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