Thursday , September 24 2020

Will lithium-sulfur batteries be in our future ?, Ars Technica


      Definitely maybe –


A recent paper solves some, but not all, of the chemistry’s problems.



last year Chemistry Nobel. Different electrode materials dictate the battery’s performance in part based on dictating the energy difference between the charged and uncharged state. But they also determine how much lithium can be stored at an electrode, and through that the energy density of a battery.

In an optimistic view, the loss of capacity is due to the polysulfide shuttle, and the researchers (hav)

done anything to avoid it, but their electrode’s chemistry is compatible with techniques to minimize the problem. But it’s not clear from this paper whether that sort of optimism is justified.
So why has the paper gotten so much attention? Presumably because of a press releaseissued by Monash University, which indicates this technology has been patented, some prototype cells have been built by the German team members, and that Chinese firms have expressed interest in the technology. All of which makes it sound like massive-capacity batteries are on the immediate horizon — the press release even leads by asking the reader to “Imagine having access to a battery, which has the potential to power your phone for five continuous days, or enable an electric vehicle to drive more than 1, km without needing to ‘refuel.’ ‘
The work seems to represent a good idea that works in practice to a degree. But not a large enough degree that’s especially useful at the moment, unless you’re interested in slow-charging cars that need their batteries replaced every couple of years. There may be methods that can improve the performance further, but the published information on these batteries does not indicate that we know if they’ll work. Science Advances (**********************, . DOI: ******************************************* (/ sciadv.aay) ****************************************(About DOIs).                                                    ************************************ (Read More) ************************

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