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wix bed and breakfast

4 best wix bed and breakfast

,website templates with page

Free wix bed and breakfast Website templates are most popular stunning template designs, to create best business website. if you are planning to Start making a Bed and Breakfast web site you should look up 6 website pages your Bed & Breakfast template must have.

As you probably know, some pages on your inn, small hotel, or bed & breakfast website are more important than others.

A user may be looking for a variety of content:

  • They want to check photos of rooms and amenities
  • They want to check guest reviews
  • They are looking for specials and promotions cods
  • They want directions
  • They want to know more about the “feel” of your property
  • They want quick access to your rates
  • They want to contact you about group events

There are many reasons a potential guest may visit your site, but at the end of the day.

After searching many hours Our team digitalive top Pick 4 best wix bed and breakfast Template that there are six pages that are absolutely, 100% needed.

1. Home Page

2. Accommodations page

3. Amenities, Goods, and Features page

4. Local Insights or Blog

5. Availability

6. Contact & Directions

so we pick top 4 templates for bed and breakfast website which have these all six pages requirements

B&Bs Website Templates

  • ANTON & LILY wix Bed & Breakfast 
  • Seaside B&San Jose
  • SEA  B&B
  • Country B&B

ANTON & LILY wix Bed & Breakfast :

wix bed and breakfast
wix bed and breakfast
  •  Simple, easy-to-use template
  • Determine who your ideal guest is
  • Use this template to inform your website content and marketing

(Demo )

Seaside B&San Jose

wix bed and breakfast
wix bed and breakfast
  • Large Photos 
  • Check Availability 
  • Promotions
  • Reviews
  • Directions



wix bed and breakfast
wix bed and breakfast
  • Room Features & Amenities
  • Call to Action Button
  • Easy On the Eyes
  • Authentic 

( Demo)

Country B&B

wix bed and breakfast
wix bed and breakfast
  • Complimentary Goods 
  • Local Products 
  • Off Site Amenities 
  • Clear and Easy to Read
  • Extras and Add-Ons
  • Include Images
  • Location 
  • Include Your Email 
  •  Simple 


Why you should get wix bed and breakfast web site template ?

Wix gives a superb drag-and-drop website builder to create small web sites. Wix offers its personal webhosting in addition to domains (free and paid). The App Market makes it simple so as to add additional performance corresponding to photograph galleries or ecommerce.

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