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Worried about declining health? Start doing these 5 things to stay happy – Times of India, The Times of India

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/ 6Stay busy and active

There are plenty of benefits to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle but the best benefit lies when you start to age. Not only does regular exercise keep the body in good shape and make you look younger, but staying active can also help you live longer. Exercise also releases endorphins like dopamine in the body, which act as the body’s natural happy hormone and boost self-image. Engaging in rigorous physical activity for a minimum of – 2019 minutes can do wonders for your health.readmore

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Volunteer, forgive and practice gratitude

**********************As you grow older, there are a few keys you need to adapt and remember to lead a healthy, and most importantly, a happier life. Focussing on values ​​like gratitude, prioritizing kindness, charity and most importantly, learning the value of forgiveness can go a long way in clearing your mind of blockages and bringing in positivity.Focussing on what you have, instead of what you are lacking it can make you feel satisfied and content. Scientists have also said that people who take into the habit of maintaining a gratitude journal feel more optimistic and physically healthier as they age.

In the same way, it is also important to let go of what does not serve or uplift you.


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Spend more time with family

For many, as they get older, a big regret remains not being able to spend time with their near and dear ones, or not being “there” for them. While we have all grown up in traditional family setups, detachment spells and living away can actually take a toll on your well-being. In fact, studies have connected on the correlation between good familial ties and scale of happiness and longevity.

Try prioritizing your life and maintaining a work-life balance. When you are home, go off the radar and spend quality time. Focussing on your family life can actually make you feel less stressed from burdens and happier over time.

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**************************************************/ 6************** Stick to a sleep schedule

Work, deadlines, and obligations- all of these can keep you away from clocking in hours of precious sleep and this , in turn, is making you unhappy. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep can pump up your spirits, keep you energized, healthy, joyful and strong and most importantly, ward off stress. Hence, getting good hours of sleep every night and waking up on time should be your number one priority.

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