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Xbox Series X leak shows all the ports you can plug into once the console launches later this year – GamesRadar +,

xbox series xxbox series x**************************************(Image credit: Future)xbox series xAccording to the latest leak on the

(Xbox Series X) *******************************, this time purporting to be sourced from industry insiders, we now know what to expect when It comes to ports on the new Microsoft console.************************** ( reports we can expect to see super speed USB-A ports, ethernet, a single HDMI port, optical audio, and the usual power port. Confirmed: the Xbox Series X can not source all its power from Phil Spencer’s charisma. series xXbox Series X reportedly has (in the back (two USB-A ports (SuperSpeed), ethernet, single HDMI port, optical audio, and a power connection. USB-A port on the front as well a reminder, the ports shown at AMD CES yesterday were not official (January 7, ************************************

There’s another USB-A port on the front of the Xbox Series X, just as you’d find on your Xbox One X series x

The site also notes that there’s an extra port on the back that could be for dev debugging shenanigans, but none of its sources were able to confirm its purpose and undercut all its insider info with a hefty disclaimer. “Keep in mind, these may not be final and are subject to change but do come from multiple people familiar with the hardware.”xbox series xThis report comes hot on the heels ofxbox series x************************************************************************ (AMD showing off what appeared to be a new shot of the Xbox Series X at CES) , featuring 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB-C ports, and an S / PDIF port. AMD was then forced to clarify – probably after a few text messages from Microsoft’s press team – that its display at CES “does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console.”

Today we also discovered that one of the marketing slogans we can expect to see a lot of in the lead up to the Xbox Series X release in Holiday (is “Power Your Dreams”, according to

newly discovered Microsoft trademark. Not to be confused with the machine that actually powers the game

Dreams (, , the series x

****************************** If this leak has you excited for the next-gen console, you’re not alone, and you should probably check out our list of(****************************** upcoming Xbox Series X games

.(******************************************** xbox series x****************************

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