You Won't Like Square Enix's PS5 and Xbox Series X Plans, Crypto Coins News

You Won't Like Square Enix's PS5 and Xbox Series X Plans, Crypto Coins News
  • Square Enix has confirmed that it does not have any plans to make games that are only available on PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • Any Square Enix games exclusively available for next-generation consoles will be released “farther down the road.”
  • The company will use backward compatibility to make games available on PS4 and Xbox One and PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In a financial briefing, Square Enix revealed its plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X games. The company president Yosuke Matsuda said that it only plans to make its “new titles available for both current and next-generation consoles.”

Notably, he added:

[It’ll be] somewhat farther down the road that we release titles exclusively for the next-generation consoles.

The news will be disappointing for fans who want Square Enix games to use the PS5 and

Xbox Series X powerful specs . The consoles have faster loading times and more powerful processors which are two important features that can help Square Enix make bigger and better RPGs.

Xbox Series X players will be twice as upset. Microsoft has said that it also does not plan on releasing Xbox Series X exclusive games for one or two years after the console’s release. This means that players won’t be able to enjoy games made just for a next-generation console for a while.

However, this could be a smart business decision for Square Enix. If Square Enix chooses to put all of its money into making PS5 and Xbox Series X exclusives and the consoles don’t sell, it will lose all the money it spent on development. Fans do seem to be excited about the consoles but if the Xbox Series X or PS5 has a high price and people wait to buy them, that could be a major issue for Square Enix.

Square Enix could use backward compatibility to make sure that all of its Fans get to enjoy the same games. It just means that fans will have to wait longer for exclusives.

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