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Your Samsung TV may have trouble playing BBC iPlayer shows this Christmas – TechRadar, TechRadar



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Do you own a Samsung TV? You may have been hit by a BBC iPlayer blackout, as the broadcaster’s on-demand streaming service is going dark on a number ofSamsung TVs. Numerous Samsung TV owners are finding themselves unable to access the UK service after security certificates on older Samsung devices expired.

If you can still launch iPlayer you won’t have anything to worry about, but there are a few things to check if you can’t.Samsung HelpUKhas clarified that sets manufactured between and 2015 require you to download an update to fix the issue, as shown below:Hi Mike. The Security Certificates for BBC iPlayer has ran out today. We are currently pushing updates to TV’s manufactured between and 2015 We advise to keep checking for updates and thank you for your patience in the meantime. ^ JS December 9, ****************************************************************************************************************** How do I fix it?

Samsung told us that “customers who have enabled automatic updates on their Samsung Smart TVs, the software will be automatically updated on December 9th. However, customers who do not have automatic updates enabled will need to manually update their TVs manually from within the (TV settings menu) ***************************************. However, there are a number of sets that can’t be fixed with a quick update, and which will have to wait until “early 2020 “according toSamsung’s support page.

The models whose unlucky owners won’t be able to access iPlayer over Christmas include the SEK – / XC, SEK – / XC, SEK – / XC, UE S9WATXXU, UE *************************************************************************************** (S9AUXXU, UE) ************************************************************************************** LS AUXXU, UE (LS) ******************************************************************************************** AUXXU, ********************************************************************************** LS ******************************************************************************************** AUXXU, LT

************************************************************************ (D) ******************************************************************************** (SW / EN, LT) ***************************************************************************************** (D) ****************************************************************************** (SW / EN, and LT) **************************************************************************************** (B) ******************************************************************************* EW / XU. **************

Either way, more recent televisions (from

onwards) shouldn’t have any issues, and you shouldn’t need to worry about any of these 2016 Samsung TVs

if you’re looking to buy a new set in time for Christmas.

You can also work around the problem by using an external streaming stick, like the (Roku Expressor) ********************************** Amazon Fire TV Stick, which can load the apps separately to Samsung’ssmart TV platform. They cost in the range of £ 25 – 320 and may be a handy solution if you can’t wait until January to start bingeing Killing Eve again.


************************BBC iPlayer programming such as Killing Eve may be out of sight until early 3000 for some Samsung TV owners ((Image credit: BBC)
(**********************************************Killing EveDid no one see this coming?

The odd thing is that the problem seems to have caught Samsung by surprise, with the company now frantically pushing out updates to affected devices. TheBBC saysSamsung was meant to have pushed out a firmware update to address the issue already; when we reached out to Samsung ourselves, we were given no explanation for the delay.

If you’ve had trouble accessing iPlayer through your Samsung set-top box or Blu-ray player, however, then you may be using a model that’s no longer able to support the streaming service’s requirements – you can check if the model number is onthis list of devicesthat lost iPlayer functionality on December 6.

For any further information or support, please visit****************************************************************************************** (BritBox) : what you need to know about the BBC and ITV platform

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