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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam New 2019 Description:

For everyone who want to pass latest AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam (SAA-C01) Feb 2018 With updated questions of March 2019 exam which is based on exam from Feb 2018. These AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate practice tests are the final step in your test preparation and help you assess and ensure that you are fully prepared for the final examination.

If you cleared, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate You must earn Based on our 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey, the average salary for those holding AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Level in the United States and Canada is $117,773.

Therefore, we can get a clear idea about how much it is very important in our days.

This course :

1- very simulated A actual exam environment

2 – Detailed Explanation and Reference links.

3 – Updated weekly – Based on student feedback from the real exam

4- Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions

5- More than 500 Questions – Questions are 100% scenario-based

6-30-Day Money-Back Guarantee from Udemy.

7-Success in the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam can make a lot of difference in your career especially if you are IT professional.

8-Test Reports.

9-Q&A Discussion Board with Responses from the Instructor

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification exam objectives is:

Exam Duration :130 minutes

Number of Questions : 65 (may vary)

Registration Fee : 150 USD

Exam Format : Multiple-choice and Multiple-answer questions

Exam Language : English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese

Renewal : Every 2 years

These AWS Solutions Architect practice exams tests are designed as per the official guidelines on using specific domains as defined below,

  1. Design Resilient Architectures (34%)
    • Choose reliable/resilient storage.
    • Determine how to design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services.
    • Determine how to design a multi-tier architecture solution.
    • Determine how to design high availability and/or fault-tolerant architectures.
  2. Define Performant Architectures (24%)
    • 2.1 Choose performant storage and databases.
    • 2.2 Apply caching to improve performance.
    • 2.3 Design solutions for elasticity and scalability.
  3. Specify Secure Applications and Architectures (26%)
    • 3.1 Determine how to secure application tiers.
    • 3.2 Determine how to secure data.
    • 3.3 Define the networking infrastructure for a single VPC application.
  4. Design Cost-Optimized Architectures (10%)
    • 4.1 Determine how to design cost-optimized storage.
    • 4.2 Determine how to design cost-optimized compute.
  5. Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures (06%)
    • Choose design features in solutions that enable operational excellence

These domains cover the following topics:

1- Networking : VPC – security groups, NACLs – CIDR – Bastion – NAT gatway – NAT instance – public and private subnets-VPC endpoints -Cloud Front as CDN – Route 53 – ELS – ALB – NLB .

2- Storage: S3- EBS- Instance store- EFS- Glacier – EBS volume types – Burst performance and I/O credits -S3 storage classe with lifecycle policies, static website hosting, versioning, Pre-Signed URLs for both upload and download, CORS- Storage gateway.

3-Compute: EC2 – Auto Scaling and ELB, with High Available and Scalable solution- EC2 various purchase types –Lambda and serverless architecture- ECS – Elastic Beanstalk.

4-Databases: RDS- DynamoDB- Aurora -Aurora with read replicas and replication of data across AZs -RDS with Read Replicas for scalability, Multi-AZ for High Availability, Automated Backups etc – DynamoDB with latency performance, DAX and provisioned throughput for Read/Writes – ElastiCache.

5- Analytics: Redshift – Kinesis

6- Security: IAM – IAM Role – IAM identity providers and federation – MFA – encryption services like KMS and S3 with SSE,SSE-C,SSE-KMS – Disaster Recovery whitepape -different recovery types with impact on RTO/RPO.

7-Management Tools:CloudWatch monitoring – EC2 metrics – CloudTrail for Audit- basic of CloudFormation and OpsWorks.

8-Integration Tools: SQS – SNS – MQ – SWF -API

Questions in this course cover all these in depth to understand the correct answers and check your knowledge of these concepts.

Best of luck for your test and Be sure that you will pass the exam on very first attempt.

Who this course is for:

  • For students who have completed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate course and are looking for final test prep.
  • For all IT Professionals who want to gauge their AWS Knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to take their salary and career to a whole new level with an AWS certification!
  • Any one who wants to learn about Amazon Web Services


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