5 Times Saints Coach Sean Payton Behaved Like a Childish, Spoiled Brat, Crypto Coins News

5 Times Saints Coach Sean Payton Behaved Like a Childish, Spoiled Brat, Crypto Coins News

  • After losing to the ers earlier this season, a local butcher questioned Payton’s play-calling when he saw him at the store.
  • Payton proceeded to snap at the poor fellow.

  • While it was likely in jest, it was the first time we have seen Sean Payton get a little childish.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is one of the best in the business. He’s a Super Bowl winner and one of the longest-tenured head coaches in the game. But he can also be a whiny little — well, he can behave like a spoiled brat.

Take theSaints’ recent 48 – 49 loss to the San Francisco 48 ers. Payton went for two after an early touchdown and a late one but missed both conversion attempts. After the game, during a visit to the local grocery store, Payton was questioned about the decisions by the butcher.

His response was not exactly polite, via

Katherine Terrell of The Athletic:

I’ve got the guy at Rouses, or at freaking Whole Foods, asking me about the freaking two-point play. I looked at him, the guy from the meat section. I said. ‘Hey, your steaks don’t look too good right now, worry about your freaking meat.’ Driving me crazy.

An ESPN articledescribes a more civil exchange, but this is not the only time Payton has acted in such a manner.

Top 5 Most Childish Outbursts from Sean Payton

Longtime Saints fans are likely not shocked about the story since it isn’t the first time they have heard Payton sound off after a loss.

Here are fivemoretimes Sean Payton succumbed to his more childish impulses.

1. That time he spoke with too much ‘vigor’ after a (loss.) ******************

In Week

************************************ (of the) ************************************ (season, the Falcons eked out a) – win against the Saints. New Orleans may have mounted a comeback, if not for a penalty on Sean Payton. It seems that, while trying to call a timeout,

he said a few things to the ref that the official did appreciate


I called a timeout, and then he asked me Again, and I said I have already called a timeout … .probably said it with a little more vigor then I was supposed to, but I had enough. I have to be smarter than that.

But admitting to his own mistake did stop him from attacking the officiating.

2. That time the Saints coach mocked the Vikings – right before the Minneapolis Miracle

Just one month later, after taking the lead during the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, Payton mimicked the Vikings Skol clap on the sideline.

He admitted to it when asked, but the Vikingsgot the last laugh in that game

anyway. Karma?

3. That time Sean Payton aggressively patted Dirk Koetter on the shoulder.

It seems was a remarkably bratty season for Sean Payton. After the Saints lost a Week (game to the Buccaneers) – (****************************************************, Tampa Bay head coach Dirk Koetter tried to talk to Payton. The conversation didn’t go well:

4. That time Payton stole wine from fellow child Jerry Jones.

Back in (*****************************************, Sean Payton decidedto “steal” a bottle of wine from hisformer employer, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (who has his own image issues), while in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.

After learning that Jones had reserved the bottle – a magnum of Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon – at St. Elmos Steak House, Payton talked the staff to give him the bottle – the last one the restaurant had in stock.

He left the empty for Jones with an inscription:

Who Dat! World Champions XLIV, Sean Payton

Funny? Yes. Bratty? Absolutely.

5. That time he (probably) wore the ‘Roger Goodell clown shirt.’

Sean Payton had every right to be angry after the Saints lost out on a chance to go to the Super Bowl last season when the officials infamously blew a pass interference call at the end of the game.

) So at his season-ending press conference, Payton appeared to be wearing theRoger Goodell “clown shirt”made famous by then-Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia in (***************************************:

Aren’t All Head Coaches Kind of Whiny?

It isn’t hard to find mentions of Sean Payton being bratty (but with more colorful language) online. But, in all fairness, isn’t the behavior part of the job? Head coaches should advocate for their players at all times and do whatever it takes within the confines of the rules to win games.

Payton’s detractors tend to come out of the woodwork when he does one of those two things — and then beats their teams. Since he does have a Super Bowl victory to his name and has the Saints looking like a contender this year, he must be doing something right.

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