9 Best Courses for Learning Data Science

As the need for staying inside the house is surging, the constant look out for acquiring knowledge has not stopped. More and more people are turning towards Online Training Courses, especially the ones who are in technology domain, and are waiting for the lockdown to end so that they can appear in interview again. This blog will highlight the 9 Top Online Courses for Data Science. Read below and find out!

The courses are divided in three most desirable segments. Read below to know!

Virtual Classroom Trainings/Live Trainings: These courses are quite popular among aspiring Data Scientists. Some of the Live Training Courses Offered by Simpliv that are catching attention are:

1. Data Visualization Certification Course with Tableau, R and Python: This Course is a complete package for any aspirant as it includes the two top most Data Science programming languages, i.e., R and Python. This course also covers Data Visualization concepts and the aspirant will have a hands-on experience in three biggest Data Science Technologies.

2. Master’s in Data Science and Machine Learning: Any aspirant who wishes to become a Data Scientist, should master the technologies in this course. This course covers Machine Learning with Python. This course is available in 40% discounts.

3. Python Certification training for Data Science and Data Analysis: Learning Python is one of the must-haves for the candidates who want to become a Data Scientist. Simpliv’s this course checks all the right boxes that will help a candidate launch his career as Data Scientist in no time.

Self-Paced Courses/Training: At times the learners seek to learn at their own pace and hence, the popularity of self-paced courses is on the rise. Some of the top Self-paced courses that are offered by Simpliv are as follows:

1. Learn Programming With Python In 100 Steps: This ultimate Python Online Training Course is a complete textbook for aspirants who are looking to learn this language from the scratch. Typically the duration of this course is 11 hours and contains 138 lectures delivered by industry experts.

2. Road Map to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: This online course gives detailed description on Machine Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence. It discusses all the algorithms that are of utmost importance for an aspiring Data Scientist. This course spans around 1 hour and includes 7 hours. Enrol today!

3. Data Analysis and Visualization In R: “R programming Language is one of the most adopted Data Science Technologies across the globe. This course contains R programming concepts along with Data visualization techniques which makes it a complete package for aspirants with different skill-levels.”

Free Courses: Simpliv also offers free courses that will not only help the candidate laying a strong foundation of Knowledge but will also help crack the toughest interviews with no cost. Some of the top Free courses that will help a Data Scientists are:

1. Road Map To Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Road Map To Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning is a free online training course offered by Simpliv, which digs deeper into the insights of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and helps the aspirants learn the entire concept in just 7 lectures. The entire course is very quick, very effective.

2. Core Java Interview Bootcamp To Handle Interviews With Confidence: An aspiring Data Scientist should have command of programming languages. Java is one of the most popular programming languages for all the purposes. At times Data Scientists are asked the question Java courses to see if the candidate knows about it.


For a candidate to become a Successful Data Scientist, the most important factor is to master the tools and technologies. Selecting one in a range of Simpliv’s wide range of courses will be the best decision you will make today. Enroll Now!

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