Advance Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning E-Degree

advance artificial intelligence

Why This E-Degree 

 Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and in fact, it is growing exponentially. It not just allows machines to learn but brings hundreds of possibilities to modern businesses. From self-driving cars to job automation to diagnosing illness, everywhere AI & ML is changing the way humanity works.

But as AI progresses, the more complex it becomes; and here’s where things get really crazy. Already there is a significant gap in the availability of quality resources and good skills. Furthermore, with advanced AI, these gaps get more widened. All of these results in massive opportunities for people having quality skill sets.

In order to achieve this & solve complex AI problem, we bring you this Advance Artificial intelligence & ML E-Degree


As the name suggests, this E-Degree will provide you the knowledge of advanced AI & ML concepts. Since our last Kickstarter campaign on AI & ML E-Degree which surpassed the funding goal with over 2700%, lots of requests have been made for more advanced topics of AI & ML. To meet all the demands and to make our students future-ready, we are creating this special E-Degree on Advance Artificial intelligence & ML. It will not just be an ordinary program but a complete journey for you to learn all the latest and the advanced concepts of AI & ML such as TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Deep Neural Network, CNN, Reinforcement Learning & others. You’ll get the following benefits in this E-degree: Structured Tutorials, Practical projects, Hands-on coding experience, Course Support

All the concepts will be presented to you in a well-organized structure by the industry experts from all over the world for a better understanding and real-life applications.

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