Friday , June 5 2020

After recording the sums of money …



The stronghold of the Al-Khumat al-Sabbath Al-Sudani Al-Sadr Al-Bashir al-Bashir al-Bashir al-Tahmiyyah sanctuary and the seizure of the pawns are illegally


Watham al-Qazi al-Sadiq Abdul Rahman al-Raisi, former Bafsad al-Qaeda activist, illegally.

and “Believe it or not” (@ ************************************************ Inside the house of 6.9 Euros, and 351 Dolara, and 5.7 Sudanese Judaizers; My party is illegitimate, and the exploitation of the Faithfully illegitimate, and with the Baslamites illegally. “

Reuters quotes Ann al-Muhammie as official Lalbashir official “Tahm al-Thara al-Haram and al-Shabab and al-Qaeda operatives”

Vakhan al-Bashir Qalibi Lalmari al-Awliyyah courtesy hearing not considered 25 My million dollars but al-Sa’ad al-Saudi Ben Salman, the steward of the goods on a special occasion

I, unanimously, delivered the statement of al-Bashir bin Mukwala Yinker al-Tahm al-Mujjiyah, the presence of a witness in the defense of al-Muhakkim al-Qaddim


Yashar Al-Jish al-Sudani’s dismissal of Al-Bashir Fei 11 April / Nissan Diamond after counter-arguments Nezamet Stermet in the city’s city.

Al-Baqirah, quoting al-Kبرb بالr al-S بالر بالn al-Khطmومr, in the face of the illegal al-Naqd al-Jنnبb al-Tawةةah

Wafi Saqq attached, interim chief of al-Zawraa al-Sudani Abdullah Hamdouk’s consultations on various documents regarding the position of al-Qa’im al-Nawahi, the loser al-transnational ruler.

Discovery of Shams al-Din al-Kabbashi member of the Majlis al-Majid al-Muskari in the Majlis al-Shi’i Majlis al-Fariq al-Jamal Omar Mohammed Ibrahim Lashkar al-Dadaiz al-Daria al-Darya al-Darya al-Sharif

Complications of the logistical information of Hamdouk’s submission to my defense and the change of secrets of the government in the government    

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