Angular 7: The Ultimate Guide

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About this Course

Start your journey as an Angular web developer with our comprehensive course on the Angular 7. We have created this course to help anyone learn Angular for becoming a real world Angular developer. This course will teach you everything you will need to learn Angular from scratch along with all the Angular 7 features. It covers the current Angular landscape, changes introduced in the latest version, programming tips and tricks, and much more. You will learn to think in Angular and how to master professional app development.

Why you should choose this course?

It is the best Angular 7 online course for both beginners and intermediate developers. This course will help you in learning typescript, basics of Angular, Components in Angular, Routing in Angular, Services in Angular and much more interesting stuff. This course will make you better Angular developer. Furthermore, each of the section is also supported by different exercises to help you learn Angular 7 step by step to the core.

This Course includes-

  1. Introduction to Angular 7, Installation and Setup
  2. TypeScript, basic syntax, types, operator, and loops
  3. Functions, arrays, tuples, and classes
  4. Core principles of Angular and its various components
  5. Details covering routing, services, and HTTP requests
  6. Exercises after each section and a lot more!

This comprehensive course is a complete angular 7 online tutorial that gets you started with Angular 7. Begin now and learn to build your next solution in Angular.

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