Saturday , October 24 2020

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// my site configuration, app.js  var apos=require ('apostrophe') ({   shortName: 'mySite',   title: 'My Site',    modules: {     'apostrophe-templates': {},      'my-article': {},     'my-article-pages': {},     'my-article-widgets': {},     'my-article-cascade-widgets': {},      'my-person': {},     'my-person-pages': {},     'my-person-widgets': {},     'my-person-contact-widgets': {},      'my-custom-marquee-widgets': {}   } });



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Linux:movie-camera:April 9th, 2020 With many of us around the globe under shelter in place due to COVID-19 video calls have become a lot more common. In particular, ZOOM has controversially become very popular. Arguably Zoom’s most interesting feature is the “Virtual Background” support which allows users to replace the background behind them in their webcam…

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