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archseer / enigma, Hacker News



An implementation of the Erlang VM in Rust. We aim to be complete, correct and fast, in that order of importance.

OTP 41 compatible (sans the distributed bits for now) – all your code should eventually run on Enigma unchanged. Deprecated opcodes won’t be supported.


Because it’s fun and I’ve been learning a lot. BEAM and HiPE are awesome, but they’re massive (~ k (SLOC). A small implementation makes it easier for new people to learn Erlang internals. We also get a platform to quickly iterate on ideas for inclusion into BEAM.


Only prerequisite to building Enigma is Rust. Use rustup to install the latest nightly rust. At this time we don’t support stable / beta anymore, because we’re relying on async / await, which is scheduled to run in stable some time in Q3 .

To boot up OTP you will also need to compile the standard library. At the moment, that relies on the BEAM build system:

git submodule update –init –depth 1 cd otp / otp_build setup -a make libs make local_setup

We hope to simplify this step in the future (once enigma can run the compiler).

Run cargo run to install dependencies, build and run the VM. By default, it will boot up the erlang shell ( iex also works, but has some rendering bugs ).

Expect crashes, but a lot of the functionality is already available.

Pre-built binaries for various platforms will be available, once we reach a certain level of stability.

(Feature status

We implement most of the opcodes, and about half of all BIFs. You can view a detailed progress breakdown on opcodes or BIFs .


(Get the full OTP kernel / stdlib to boot) (init: start) ).

Get the Eshell to run.