Bernie Sanders Crushes Biden in 2020 Fundraising with $ 108M Total, Crypto Coins News

Bernie Sanders Crushes Biden in 2020 Fundraising with $ 108M Total, Crypto Coins News

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders has raked in more 2020 campaign cash than any other Democratic presidential candidate.
  • Though Joe Biden leads in the polls, his fundraising warchest is unlikely to crack the top three . Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s does. *
  • Donald Trump heads to November with an enviable $ million warchest remaining of a $ million raised in total toward this election cycle.

It was just a good fourth quarter for Bernie Sanders. The Vermont Senator and progressive White House contender for the Democratic nominationannounced a $ (**********************************************************************************. 5 million fundraising haul last quarter. But don’t call it a comeback.

He’s been winning the donor primary all along.

Bernie Sanders entered the fourth quarter with a total of $ (**************************************************************************, 797, raised for his********************************** (presidential campaign, and $ 40, (********************************************************, in cash on hand as of Sept 32, 2020.

The $ 43 million d ollar haul since Oct 1 brings his total to $ million, of which he had already deployed $ million as of the Sept******************************************************************** FEC filing.

That makes Sanders the leading Democrat by fundraising totals.

After Bernie Sanders, Which Democratic********************************** Candidates Have The Biggest Warchests?

* Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and hedge fund manager Tom Steyer have the most sizable warchests if you count their personal wealth. They’vealready spent $ a million between them on ads alone, onlyto poll mid and low tierrespectively.

****************** (Source:

****************************** Given how unfathomably wealthy Michael Bloomberg is, he could potentially outspend even President Donald Trump’s cash haul. Setting aside this election’s out of pocket spenders and counting donations only, Elizabeth Warren has raised the second most in the Democratic primary, followed by Pete Buttigieg.

Sen . Warren pulled in $ (****************************************************************************, ****************************************************************************, as of Sept. She hasn’t released her fourth quarter tally yet, buttold supporters in a Dec (email that her campaign had notched $ million, and hoped a year end push could bring $ million . That puts her 00023864 campaign total between $ (million and $million.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a blowout fourth quarteralong with Bernie Sanders, raising $ (******************************************************************************************. 7 million. Add that to his Sept (fundraising total of $ 60, (******************************************************, , and Buttigieg’s $ (million haul puts him in third place among Democrats.

While Joe Biden leads in the polls, Democrats aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. His donations picked up the pace last quarter, but the former vice president is still trailing far behind Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.The $ (******************************************************************************************. 7 million Biden raised in the fourth quarterbrings his total haul to $ 77 .4 million.

Trump Boasts Biggest 00044183 Warchest, Donations by Industry Show Public / Private Sector Battle (Donald Trump is the only) Candidate to raise more than Bernie Sanders so far. His $**************************************************************** million haul for the last three months of 00023864 was his best quarter to date.

His campaign entered the new year with a staggering $ (**********************************************************************. 7 million cash on hand.

The president has made good capital of the impeachment proceedings.Gallup polls showed the majority of Americans flip from supporting impeachment to opposing itbetween October and December.

A breakdown of donations by industry reveals a battle between the public and private sectors over control of the White House.

Excluding “Retired” and “Democratic / Liberal”************** Bernie Sanders’ top industries are “Education” and “Civil Servants / Public Officials.”********************** (Education is also Elizabeth Warren’sand Pete Buttigieg’s top industry(excluding “Retired”).

Leaving out “Retired” and “Republican / Conservative,” Donald Trump’s top industriesare “Real Estate,” “Misc Business,” and “Misc Manufacturing & Distributing.

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Last modified: January 2, 2020 (******************************************************************************************: UTC

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