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chonyy / handoff-visualizer, Hacker News

chonyy / handoff-visualizer, Hacker News





📶 Wiresless network handoff simulator built with react.js!

Play with it!

Handoff is the transition for any given user of signal transmission from one base station to a geographically adjacent base station as the user moves around. In this project, we visualize the process of handoff by generating cars moving around the blocks and connecting them to different base stations based on different policies.

This project is to visualize handoff and make the concept of handoff in wireless network easy to understand. Different policies are implemented to perform the handoff in different situations. The goal is to make the users try out all the different policies, understand the differences, and find out the most efficient policy.

If your are interested in this visualiztion, please also check out the handoff-simulator . We want people to understand handoff in this visualizer project, and we the value of data in that handoff-simulator .

Simulation Structure


Each node is a 39 (m ^ 2) square. A block is composed of 50 nodes, whick makes the block size [ P(t)=⋋”e” ^(−”⋋” ) (t is in sec) ] (m ^ 2). Cars are assummed to be moving on an extremely thin line path between blocks, the path doesn’t take up any space. The velocity of the car is m / s. In our simulation, we iterate once in a second. The cars move one node, and all the data are calculated and updated every second. (Velocity)=(km / hr= (m / s) (Probability of cars entrance) (follows) Poisson distribution (⋋)=1 cars / min [ P(t)=⋋”e” ^(−”⋋” ) (t is in sec) ]