Complete Advanced SEO Tutorial 2020 + WordPress + Local SEO

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Complete Advanced SEO Tutorial 2020 + WordPress + Local SEO Description:

Udemy Coupon Free – Complete Advanced SEO Tutorial 2020 + WordPress + Local SEO
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is supposed to expand the number and quality of site traffic through search engine results. In other words, when your site design is finished and the site is placed on the internet, it has no rank in the search engines. Moreover, no one in the competitive environment of your business sees the site that you have designed, and there should be procedures and techniques to rank the site and drive it to the front page as well as the frontline in Google results and rank. These principles are called SEO.

The course “SEO 2019: From 0-100 Ranked, 1st in Google + SEO WordPress + local SEO *”, which includes over 100 articles, proposes all of the SEO factors. These factors include on-page SEO and off-page SEO topics.

You will not require any SEO knowledge to begin this course. From the very beginning of the course, you will be taught all the terms in search engine optimization in a simple and comprehensible language. Therefore, you only need a basic knowledge of the Internet and the ability to work with your site’s admin panel.

We tried to practice all the topics from 0 to 100 first, as well as the latest Google updates. We are assured that this course, which is over 10 hours long, has all the practicalities and points, and not even a minute of unnecessary or even worthless discussion. We segmented all the topics and trained them in sequential order to make it easier for you to learn all the topics.

In this course, you will learn how to treat your site as a professional webmaster. We teach you the most fundamental and best techniques for ranking your site is simple and comprehensible language. For instance, we will teach you how to improve your site load significantly. This is an arrow with two badges. User satisfaction and therefore Google’s satisfaction with you. You will be familiar with the methods of building a map site. You get familiar with mobile-friendly procedures and UX improves the same user experience. You can learn the instruments and tools for SEO such as google analytics and google search console and determine how to build an account in them as well as how to work with them. We teach you about the most influential and popular WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO, and teach you how to use it to increase your site’s ranking.

Learn about local SEO and learn how to introduce your site to local searchers and customers. As a result, your sales and customers will increase dramatically. For example, if your restaurant site adheres to Local SEO tips and techniques, after the user searches for the word “restaurant” and is in your area and city, Google will have one or more restaurants up and down one Box with the phone number, location map, review gives the user, this is what we call the Local SEO (Local SEO).

We teach you how to quickly submit your site and content to Google and Bing and index them in these search engines. We explain how to get the best and most relevant backlinks in simple language. We introduce important meta-tags and learn how to treat them professionally to have a positive impact on your site’s SEO. You’ll find out how to find less competitive keywords and at the same time more search results for your pages. You are also getting familiar with another type of LSI Keywords and will use them to promote your site’s SEO. This course teaches you how to create great content for your site. When you look at this course you will learn how to use videos to improve site rankings and increase visitors as well as increase their D-Well time. Upload your site. Rather, to improve your SEO, you need to treat those images professionally and take them seriously.

The course was a very simple, intimate and easy environment and will be useful and efficient for anyone from beginner to professional in a simple and understandable language.

If you can find this course from start to finish with enough motivation and all the tips, you can be sure that your site will soon be well placed on the front page of Google.

Getting a good position on Google’s home page means getting your site and a brand name is known, selling more products, driving traffic and more visits to your site. Now the site contains content that you want to read by users or the site contains products for sale that you want to buy from users. Naturally, your goal is to turn users into customers. (Conversion rate increase), and this is exactly what we have been doing in this course. So it is best, not to waste time and get started with this training as soon as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Webmasters or web owners – bloggers or blog owners
  • WordPress site owners
  • A-Z webmasters in search engine optimization
  • Business Owners and Businesses
  • Even if your business doesn’t have a site so far, it’s time to start a site for your business and fit in with the internet and cyberspace of your competitors. Stay tuned and get your customers’ share among internet users.
  • Those who want to upgrade their site easily and at the lowest cost
  • If you have content, handwriting, or information that you want your audience to read. You may also own a lot of pictures that are intended for users to visit.
  • Those who want to grow their business and grow their customers.


  • We inform the most well-known and best methods for ranking the site in a simple and comprehensible language.
  • Get familiar with SEO tools like google analytics and google search console, Yoast SEO for WordPress.
  • Learn the most fundamental and experienced techniques of local SEO.
  • Learn how to find keywords, as well as LSI keywords with less competition and at the same time, find more search engines for your pages.
  • Learn how to get the best and most quality backlinks.
  • You can make your site mobile friendly and improve (UX) or the same user experience in a simple manner.
  • Learn how to write great, optimized content for your site to get both Google and your users to admire it.
  • You will learn tips that can dramatically increase your site’s load speed. This is an arrow with two badges. User satisfaction and therefore Google’s satisfaction with you.
  • Learn how to use videos and images to improve your site’s ranking.


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