Coronavirus: Have you seen Instagram’s latest #toiletpaperchallenge?

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Dubai: Most people around the world are staying at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. With a big stock of toilet roll on hand (due to earlier panic buying), and access to social media, say hello to Instagram’s latest viral #toiletpaperchallenge.

This latest Internet challenge that is keeping people busy at home, involves toilet paper rolls and confused pets.

What is the challenge?

Pet owners are stacking rows of toilet paper horizontally, to see how high their dogs and cats can jump. After each attempt, a new row of toilet paper rolls are added to the first, to make the mountain of tissues higher.

While some athletic pups manage to jump over almost five rows of stacked tissue roles, other fearless pets just push their way through the toilet roll wall.

This Husky jumped over five stacks of toilet roll.

This pup nearly made it too…

Despite the initial confusion, this Shiba Inu dog completes the challenge

While, these cats need a little more practice …

Viral challenges

If you don’t have a pet, there’s another challenge doing the rounds on social media that also involves toilet paper. People are trying to dribble toilet paper rolls, like a football, till it falls.

Many people have jumped on this bandwagon, including football star Lionel Messi. His #toiletpaperchallenge video was watched more than 2 million times.

A lot of people have come up with interesting challenges to keep themselves busy at home. Have you tried the #toiletpaperchallenge with your pet? How are you spending time house-bound? Write to us at [email protected].

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