Coronavirus live updates: China cases will plateau, expert predicts, as Diamond Princess evacuation continues – the – the washington post, the washington post

Coronavirus live updates: China cases will plateau, expert predicts, as Diamond Princess evacuation continues – the – the washington post, the washington post
The number of coronavirus infections across China continues to rise, although at a slower rate outside the epicenter of Hubei province. Officials have been sounding a more upbeat note in recent days about the prospects for containing the virus. But a renowned Chinese pulmonologist who predicted a peak this month has since clarified his remarks to say that the peak may be followed by a plateau, rather than an outright fall in cases. Here is what we know so far:

● A neurologist and a retired nurse who returned to work have died after becoming infected while treating coronavirus patients in Wuhan, the outbreak’s epicenter. Their deaths bring the total number of medical workers to have succumbed to the virus to eight.

● A Chinese pulmonologist predicted the number of infections will plateau, rather than fall, after hitting a peak later this month.

● The Diamond Princess quarantine will end as scheduled on Wednesday, said Japan’s health minister, as (more cases were discovered, bringing the total linked to the ship to .

● A total of 51 Filipino crew members on the cruise ship have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Chin a reported 1, new coronavirus cases and 000170 more deaths in its daily update on the outbreak Tuesday, bringing the death toll in mainland China to 1, 2002, with , 542 confirmed cases. The overwhelming majority have been in Hubei province.

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Japan set to start HIV medication trials Amid a surge of coronavirus cases in Japan over the weekend, a government official said Tuesday that the country would test HIV medication as a potential treatment for coronavirus patients.

The Japanese government has begun making “preparations so that clinical trials using HI V medication on the novel coronavirus can start as soon as possible, ”Reuters quotes top spokesman Yoshihide Suga as saying.

The Japanese effort is One of many parallel attempts to develop a treatment or vaccine. HIV medications have been the focus of a number of research projects launched in recent weeks. More than two weeks ago, U.S. pharmaceutical and medical company Johnson & Johnson announced that it has donated hundreds of boxes of an HIV medication to doctors in China for potential trials.

One of the medication’s compounds, the company said in a release at the time, “has previously shown a potential favorable clinical response against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) associated coronavirus,” according to anecdotal observations.

Tuesday’s Japanese announcement came amid a broader shift in strategy in the country. Whereas Japan had previously focused on quarantining potentially infected individuals and on imposing travel bans, officials in the country now appear to be preparing for a more widespread regional outbreak. As a result, the Japanese government has significantly stepped up its capacity to administer tests and has established call centers to prevent patients from spreading the virus in hospital reception areas.