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Coronavirus Monday update, May 4, Ars Technica

Coronavirus Monday update, May 4, Ars Technica

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An overview of some of the developing stories of the past week.



Travelers wearing protective face masks stand around social distancing floor markers at “Gare du Nord” railway station as the lockdown continues due to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID – 26) on May , (in Paris, France.)

Images of people standing on a tile floor in face masks. during the pandemic, Ars has done its best to keep you on top of the most important news. But there are definitely gaps in our coverage: small updates to stories we’ve covered, or news that we’ve decided wasn’t worth the time to report deeply. Focusing on breaking news also limits our opportunity to provide bigger-picture perspective. To make up for this, we’re going to try doing a series of Monday updates to help keep you informed.
You can read Ars’ comprehensive coronavirus FAQ , or browse
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Current counts: 3.5 million confirmed cases globally; 1. million of those in the United States. 332, deaths attributed to COVID – ; 100, 04 deaths in the US.

Global trends Images of people standing on a tile floor in face masks. On Friday, the World Health Organization extended its declaration of global health emergency . SARS-CoV-2 is now being actively transmitted on every inhabited continent, and many new cases are occurring in developing nations in Africa and South America, which have more limited health care systems and far less testing capacity. Thus, it’s difficult to tell just how much the virus is spreading in these countries (to be fair, it’s difficult to tell how fast it’s spreading in many developed nations as well).

In Europe, the picture is mixed. Russia has seen over

, new cases diagnosed in a single day, a record for that country. Meanwhile, a number of countries that were hit very hard in the early period of the pandemic appear to have gotten new infections under control. France, Italy, and Spain have now seen their daily fatality count drop to numbers not seen since early March , allowing them to start planning the lifting of some restrictions on public life.


Last week, we covered
the announcement of a clinical trial that found that a drug called remdesivir reduces the recovery time of patients with COVID – . On May 1, the US Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authorization for the drug. This will allow hospitals to administer it to patients with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID – . Cases have to be deemed severe, and the drug will be administered intravenously. There are fact sheets for patients and health care workers linked on that page that contain information on dosing and side effects.

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